Heart Clearing

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Heart Clearing

Heart Clearing is a profound technique that I stumbled upon during my journey as an empathic spiritual counselor. This method, which has its roots in BodyTalk and medical intuitive readings, has gradually evolved and matured into a standalone therapy, boasting its unique healing properties. Owing to its origins and the fusion of different healing techniques, I regard it as an “Integrated Session.”

The Heart

At its core, Heart Clearing is an intimate conversation with the heart. It provides a platform for the heart to voice its concerns, emotions, and experiences from the past and present. Just as a computer’s hard drive records and stores data, the heart, too, registers every life event. By directly accessing the heart, bypassing the cognitive filters of the mind, individuals can establish a direct link with their deepest self, their soul.

When the heart is given the opportunity to express and release all that it has been carrying, individuals can unlock the door to their spiritual center. This spiritual center, often obscured by layers of emotions, experiences, and self-definitions, remains a challenge for most people to connect with on their own. It necessitates the guidance of a second person, a facilitator, who can patiently help navigate through these layers, like a ship through a dense fog.

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Once the heart is entirely clear, the mind, too, echoes this state of tranquility. A common tendency observed among Canadians is an attempt to use their minds as the primary tool to manage their emotions and feelings. However, this is an uphill battle. The mind, with its strategic and analytical nature, finds it challenging to remain present with emotions. It is the heart, with its constant rhythm, that has the capacity to be fully in the present moment. This perpetual pulse of the heart, both physically and functionally, anchors it in every passing moment. This unique attribute of the heart is why it serves as the nexus of true healing.

Heart Wisdom

The heart, in its wisdom, can lead us to places within ourselves that the mind often fails to reach. It can guide us to confront and heal the deepest wounds, to embrace the full spectrum of our emotions, and to connect with our true essence. It is like a wise elder, patiently waiting for us to sit by its side, ready to share its stories and wisdom, ready to guide us home to ourselves.

Heart Clearing is a journey of coming home, of reconnecting with our true selves, and of healing from within. If this piques your interest, if you feel the call of your heart to embark on this transformative journey, I invite you to connect with me, for an integrated session. Alternatively, you may visit the ‘Sessions’ page for more information on purchasing a session. I look forward to guiding you on this incredible journey of heart-led healing and self-discovery.

Emotional Pain in the Joints

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Emotional Pain in the Joints

Emotional pain in the joints. It is often the case that a new client will walk into my office, seeking a Reiki session to help them find some solace from the relentless strain that anxiety imposes on their body, mind, and spirit. They come with a hope to find a way to relax and alleviate the distress they are feeling. As part of the comprehensive intake process that I follow, I delve into a series of questions designed to pinpoint and understand their emotional imbalance. This investigative approach enables me to focus on the core issue that the client might be dealing with. It is noteworthy that emotional pain can, and often does, correspond to a specific part of the body.

To illustrate this correlation, consider these examples: fear tends to manifest in the knees, decision-making struggles are often felt in the ankles, pressures stemming from ego can appear in the elbows, and the spine often symbolizes our need for support. Furthermore, the neck is generally associated with one’s willpower, while the shoulders bear the weight of our burdens.

Imagine a scenario where an individual comes to me with a persistent back issue. Through the course of our conversation, it is revealed that they are in a relationship in which they feel a distinct lack of support – this could be emotional, financial, material, or any other form of support. Despite numerous chiropractic treatments, massages, or sessions of physical therapy, the pain seems to persist and always comes back. As we delve into this discussion, I strive to understand the many layers associated with the pain they are trying to alleviate. This deep level of understanding is crucial because the treatment has to be tailor-made to suit the cause. A physical pain arising from a physical cause will heal through physical means, whereas emotional pain in joints necessitates an emotional approach to healing. As we delve deeper into the conversation, the path to treatment begins to unravel.

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Interpreting Emotional Discomfort Manifested in the Body’s Joints: An In-Depth Discussion about Pain and Its Roots

In our early years, as children, we are naturally equipped with a mechanism to recover from all kinds of pain – we cry. This natural, instinctive response isn’t always required or appropriate in adulthood. Don’t misunderstand me, crying is a powerful release when certain issues or memories come rushing back into focus. I employ techniques that are best suited to each individual case – this could range from the Active Memory Technique from BodyTalk, yogic breathing techniques, to Ho’oponopono from Hawaiian Kahuna practice. The specific therapy used is not as important as the fact that the mind and the heart have made some effort towards healing. I often refer to this as a “permission slip”, borrowing the term from one of my esteemed gurus. Emotional individuals might express themselves through tears, intellectuals often need to engage in discussion and reason, and kinesthetic individuals might require a reassuring hug. We are all unique blends of these personality types.

Unprocessed emotions, those that we fail to address and resolve, can create a certain heaviness and density that is stored in specific areas of our bodies. It’s not surprising that many chronic diseases have been linked to this phenomenon. Various healing modalities, such as Heart Clearing and Trance Channeling, can help alleviate this emotional density from the body. The emotional heart has an extraordinary capacity to heal and forgive almost anything, provided we trust it to serve as a release mechanism. Regardless of the experiences we’ve endured, the heart’s rhythm continues, underscoring its strength and resilience.”

The Beauty of a Broken Heart

Healing a Broken Heart

The Beauty of a Broken Heart

The beauty of a broken heart.  There can be great beauty in a broken heart. Sometimes life can change in an instant. One day we are deeply in love, and the next day we are crushed with loneliness, sadness, and anger. When the heart breaks, it is important not to try and fix it or deny it. Just sit with it for a time and feel your heart. Send your heart love.

I believe that our lives are organized like a pocket watch with many gears. Some relationships are like fast moving gears, while others creep along like a sunrise. We must trust the bigger picture of our lives. What did we learn from ourselves in our interaction? What inspired us about that person? I believe that we get to see a different side to ourselves through the eyes of different people. The secret is not to lose what we have found in ourselves. This is the true gold that can never be taken away.

As time passes, we can connect to the different parts of our psyche without the need of a certain person to catalyze this process. Keep that broken heart open. We have a doorway to our true self that we sometimes hide from our own awareness. Other people can be just a symbol of what we most needed to find within ourselves. Like a miner digging for gold. The dirt should not be the focus of our labor, but rather the specks of gold.

Refine your experiences down to the core of what you needed most to find. Maybe it is about gaining personal power, or the ability to allow yourself to let go and get swept away.

Letting Go

To detach from a person, it important to resolve the anger and this can be done in many ways. A personal favorite of mine is the ancient Hawaiian practice of Hoʻoponopono. Hold the feeling of space between you and the person you need to release. You repeat over and over:

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank-you, I love you.”

It doesn’t matter if you feel the person deserves forgiveness or not. This is not just the releasing of the emotional tethers that hold people to you, this is also about self-forgiveness. We say this to ourselves to help our own healing process as well as on behalf of another person.  Contact me for a Heart Clearing if you would like some help in this process.

Find the closure with others who we need to release.

Keep your heart open. Never shut it down. Not for that person, or the next one.

What it Feels like to Heal a Brain

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What is feels like to heal a brain 

To work with brain cortices is quite an adventure.  There are many moments while in deep Alpha and Gamma frequencies of treatment when I feel intense energy running through my body.  It seems as if my client’s Higher Self channels into my body and encodes my energy field with engrams of data packages that downloads to my client.  My head at times feels as if this intense energy field electrifies it.

While working with clients, I experience many different types of energy fields.  The Pineal Gland is like a bright light bulb of pulsing energy, while the Kundalini flowing up the cerebral spinal fluid is like a slow burning liquid fire.  The heart energy, by comparison, feels almost like a magnetic force that bathes the body in a gentle warmth.

what is feels like to heal a brain
concussion healing and therapy at clinic

Throughout antiquity, sages, healers, and mystics have noted the power of these sacred energies of the body.  From a scientific/philosophical perspective, I believe that I am working with quantum energy while in an altered state of consciousness.  As has been noted by scientists, the quantum world follows different rules than our experience in physical reality.  Time and space are somewhat elastic, and the feeling of entanglement between my consciousness and that of my client borders on a sense of oneness.

Pineal Gland Template

The brain has a template that I access during my sessions with clients.  Reiki, BodyTalk, Remote Viewing, Chakra Balancing, Medical Intuition, and Dream Healing are all permission slips that allow me to access the “unseen” world.  Everything is made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons that are in constant vibrations and movement.  To tap into the template of physical reality is to open up the door to a quantum plane of awareness.  In this state, it feels almost as if everything is made up of packets of colored waves of energy.  Ethically, I never impose my power on people’s auric field.  Rather, I set up a field of energy that I ask people to mirror through various techniques.  This mirroring feels like a continuous flow between my hands and a client’s head.  In this way, people adjust themselves into a greater state of health.

So the unusual part of concussion healing using Energy Neuroplasticity, it that my brain makes audible clicks and pops as it makes adjustments on others. At first I thought that I was the only person healing this, but recently I’ve learned that others can hear this noise as well. I’m not exactly sure what is actually happening, but I’m certain that is is part of the linkage between my consciousness and others. Perhaps this is a natural feedback mechanism? During a “release” of pressure that people feel during the session, they often tell me there are shining lights spiraling in their head. I believe that this is the awareness of the pineal gland activation. From the model of Energy Neuroplasticity, the pineal activates and stretches awareness from a central point outwards 12 or so inches from the leading edge of the head. This awareness forms a blueprint for the brain to use in healing up local brain disruptions. Of course this is all supposition from the healer’s perspective.

Energy Healing

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Energy Healing

An Insightful Exploration of the Energy Healing Practice I Undertake in My Toronto Office

The realm of energy healing is a distinctive profession, one that calls upon tools that largely transcend the physical world. As an energy healer, the practice involves centering myself and entering a state that can best be described as a harmonious amalgamation of varied aspects. Each energy therapy possesses its own unique characteristics, although a common requirement across all is an activated pineal gland. Beyond this, the additional elements differ significantly.

For instance, in the technique of remote viewing, which I primarily use for medical intuitive readings, I start by activating the pineal gland. I then direct my consciousness and focus towards a specific location or target. This concentrated “ball” of awareness is moved around the target until I get a “hit,” which is an area of particular interest in the person’s body. From there, I zoom into this region, akin to adjusting the focus of a camera lens. Once the issue has been identified, I establish a connection through a trance channeling state to a higher wisdom, seeking information about the target.

medical intuitive readings in Toronto with Orion Mott

Deep Trance Channeling

Channeling serves as a gateway to obtain in-depth details about the issue that I am studying. While genetic factors undoubtedly contribute to diseases, it is often the case that emotions and feelings stemming from certain experiences are linked to a disease. The healing process, in this context, can be likened to a lock and key mechanism. If a disease is rooted in an emotional cause or trigger, the healing technique employed will necessarily incorporate emotional healing as an integral part of the treatment. The same principle applies to a physical issue.

To illustrate this, consider the case of a hockey player who sought my help for energy healing, targeting his knees and lower back. During a medical intuitive reading, it became clear that his pain was a result of repetitive physical movements carried out without adequately stretching or cross training his joints. A comprehensive stretching session coupled with a sequential releasing of the joints effectively relieved all of his pain. In this case, a physical cause called for a physical solution. This aspect is frequently overlooked as individuals approach energy healers in the hope of alleviating physical pain. The one exception to this rule is the Energy Neuroplasticity technique that I employ to heal brains. This energy healing technique engages directly with the brain’s cortices and repairs the area of concern.

Heart Clearing

Heart Clearing, a technique incorporated as part of an Integrated Session, is one of the primary methods I employ to address emotional issues. For this, I activate both my pineal gland and heart simultaneously, fusing them into a therapeutic energy. The synergy of these two organs working in unison effectively facilitates individuals in embarking upon their emotional healing journey. This resonance helps to gently nudge open the door to their emotional process, setting the stage for profound healing and transformation.

Kundalini, Reiki, and Innate

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Kundalini, Reiki, and Innate

Kundalini, Reiki, and Innate. In the realm of energy healing and spiritual consciousness, I’ve frequently been asked during my workshops about the difference between Reiki energy and Kundalini energy. This piques interest as we navigate the complex and diverse world of energies that exist both within and around our bodies. Let’s embark on a journey of understanding these energies, their origins, and their unique roles in our overall well-being.

Our existence is a constellation of various energy bodies that work in harmony to maintain our overall health and consciousness. These include the tangible physical body, the mental body responsible for thoughts and cognition, the emotional body that carries our feelings, the psychic body linked to our intuitive abilities, the innate body consciousness, the Kundalini which is electromagnetic in nature, and the shamanic or dream body associated with spiritual experiences and altered states of consciousness.

In my experience, I’ve noticed that Reiki energy therapy primarily connects with the psychic body, the physical body, and the mental body. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Kundalini energy is entirely disconnected from Reiki, but there is a distinct difference in their origins and pathways. Kundalini energy generally flows from within the physical body, while Reiki energy is derived and channeled from an external source. Similarly, the electromagnetic field of the innate body is an internally derived system.

BodyTalk therapy and intuititive healing and Reiki
Intuitive Reiki Energy

Reiki Energy

Reiki energy healing is based on the principle of tapping into a source field, a high-frequency reservoir of healing energy. Practitioners open themselves up to this field, acting as conduits to channel this energy to themselves or others. This energy can have a profound uplifting effect on both the practitioner and the recipient. For those struggling with issues like fear and anxiety, or emotional traumas trapped within the body, Reiki can provide significant relief and promote healing.

Kundalini Energy

Kundalini energy, on the other hand, is often associated with tantric sexual practices which focus on raising sexual energies up the spine. The ultimate goal is to stimulate the pineal gland, enhancing awareness, and then direct this energy to the heart, fostering a sense of unity with a partner. Kundalini energy originates in the prostate for men and the G-spot for women, what I refer to as the Lower Pineal gland. This gland generates an electrical excitement energy that typically drives the desire for sexual release. If this release is denied or controlled, this energy ascends up the spine, causing each vertebra to resonate like piano keys. The harmonious vibration of the spine, along with the rising energy, reaches the brainstem, directly connecting with the pineal gland. The spine, in this state, functions somewhat like an antenna for energy, capable of both drawing in and emitting energy.

As the pineal gland becomes stimulated, perceptual awareness amplifies significantly. When the pineal gland is activated in the presence of a partner whose pineal gland is also activated, the energetic awareness descends to the heart and is perceived as love.

The Innate

The innate energy field is a fascinating aspect of our energy body. It exists within a radius of 6 to 12 inches from our physical body and is the cumulative energy generated by our DNA cells. Access to this field is possible through the heart, the pineal gland, or the lower pineal gland. The innate is a closed system that, while responsive to our words and feelings, operates according to its unique blueprint in our lives. It’s also linked to our aging process; hence, in rejuvenating or “youthing” practices, it is crucial to tap into the innate energy to influence the health of our DNA.

These intriguing subjects form the core of my Energy Activation Seminars, where we delve deeper into understanding and harnessing these diverse energies for personal growth, healing, and spiritual enlightenment.

Evolution of Reiki

Reiki History in Aikido

Evolution of Reiki

history of Usui reiki
Mikao Usui Reiki Founder



Reiki, a remarkable modality of energy healing, continues to unfold its profound depths as I delve deeper into my practice as a Reiki master in Toronto. I’ve found that integrating my experiences and knowledge from various disciplines enriches the practice of Reiki, expanding its range and efficacy. While many Reiki practitioners might not be aware, the roots of Reiki can be traced back to the Japanese martial art Aikido, a connection that has shaped my approach to energy healing.

Aikido, popularized in North America largely due to the efforts of actor Steven Segal, serves as a fascinating backdrop to understanding Reiki. In 1988, Steven Segal starred in a semi-autobiographical film titled “Above The Law,” wherein he depicted observing an Aikido master effortlessly displacing opponents. The principles of Aikido rest heavily on a spiritual practice of grounding oneself, and skillfully directing and counteracting energy through fluid movement and the deft pivot of force.

From Martial Arts to Healing

These core principles of Aikido have enriched my Reiki practice, intertwining with the martial arts training I’ve undertaken. The heightened attention and sharp awareness honed in martial arts competitions have been instrumental in enhancing my energy consciousness in Reiki. One key aspect of this is the practice of grounding to the Earth before commencing a Reiki treatment. This grounding has served as a protective shield, preventing me from being consumed by the energetic manifestations of individuals’ issues during healing sessions. Grounding, I’ve found, is a harmonious blend of energetic alignment and mental focus. The mind must maintain a state of tranquility and balance, enabling the practitioner to receive and interpret subtle energetic impressions effectively.

Aikido and reiki
Aikido and Reiki

Another critical consciousness that my martial arts background has nurtured is the sense of energy flow. Aikido places significant emphasis on the flow of energy through movement. This concept has permeated my daily life, influencing how I perceive and interact with my environment. I’ve learned to honor the unique nature of every moment, embracing its transience and the lessons it brings. A true master healer, in my belief, never sees their training as complete. Every moment brims with the potential for love and growth, a philosophy I consistently promote in my spiritual mentorship practice.


Encouraging people to discover love, even amidst stressful events, forms a key aspect of my guidance. Love can manifest in various ways—it can be a form of self-preservation, or it could be about safeguarding loved ones. But the most courageous application of love lies in deciphering the energy behind stressful events and individuals acting out of integrity. Extracting even a sliver of love from these challenging circumstances can be transformative, providing you with a personal pivot point in both healing and life. This understanding is akin to uncovering a hidden fulcrum, a point of leverage that can be used to turn adversity into growth, imbuing healing and life with a newfound sense of resilience and purpose.

Proactive Immune System

Proactive Immune System life's purpose

Proactive Immune System

Proactive Immune System: An Intuitive Approach. As a skilled medical intuitive, I find myself frequently addressing inquiries about the issue of coronavirus in the current climate. With the media rife with various conspiracy theories regarding the origins and nature of this viral outbreak, the situation can often feel overwhelming. Here in Toronto, the impact of the virus seems to roll towards us like an invisible, slow-moving wave. In one week, we can enjoy a lovely meal at a local restaurant, while the next sees all such establishments shuttered. It is indeed daunting to witness these sweeping changes.


I wish to steer the focus towards our own relationship with our immune system, an often-underestimated aspect of our overall health. Of course, supplements such as zinc and vitamin C have been widely recommended as part of a proactive approach to supporting the immune system, and these are indeed sensible measures that we can easily adopt. Those familiar with my previous writings will recall that I often advocate for a balanced diet and regular exercise as part of a naturally healthy lifestyle. This philosophy, in part, stems from my years as a personal fitness trainer, during which I have become accustomed to a fairly disciplined approach to life.

Immune System

Our immune system, an intricate and complex defense mechanism, is often something we don’t fully appreciate until later in life, when we begin to encounter health challenges. A key aspect of maintaining a robust immune system involves supporting organ function and ensuring efficient communication between various parts of our body. For instance, the thymus gland, located just below our throat, and the spleen, nestled inside our left rib structure, play pivotal roles in our immune response. Alongside the cerebellum and other structures, they form a powerful network that can foster a proactive immune system. This proactive system doesn’t necessarily rely on a severe viral attack to be activated, but instead can provide a constant level of immune surveillance and protection.

This unique alignment of immunological response is a technique I have used to assist individuals in managing a range of health conditions, including cancers. The results have been highly encouraging, demonstrating the potential of a proactive approach to immune health. In light of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, I am preparing to share a selection of my guided meditations and activations that are designed to support immune function. Please stay tuned for these resources.


My meditations and activations can be found at this link: ‎Sacred Activations Harness the Power of Consciousness – EP by Orion Mott on Apple Music