Reiki Therapy

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that harnesses universal energy and channel it from the etheric realms into your body. This energy vibrates on the frequency of Light and Love, and can truly transform your life. The essence of our soul is this Love Light energy and Reiki helps recharge and re-balance our bodies. The term “Reiki” comes from a Japanese term “Rei” that manifest universal life and the term “Ki” manifest energy. “Ki” is considered to be the energy of life that primarily flows through the life of living things.

There are seven major energy centers in our body called Chakras. In our perfect state of harmony, heavenly light flows from the ethers, through these Chakras, and into physical manifestation. As a Reiki Master, I remove blockages and tension in your body using this healing technique.

Energy sessions can greatly help in creating a favorable environment to heal all level of emotional, physical and mental problem you are experiencing. This session is relaxing and pleasant and can certainly help you to acquire joy and happiness you were born to have.

Before you undergo any Reiki session, you need to make sure that you’re wearing the most comfortable type of clothing. I usually place a blanket on top of you as you lie on a massage table. I support your head and back through the use of strategically placed pillows. Often, people find themselves floating freely in and out into a light sleep.

Traditional Reiki is a silent session; however, I often experience many things that I will share at the end of a treatment. This may include seeing energetic vortexes, your spirit guides and ancestors, and infer some important information for you.  This information is usually helpful in your process.

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