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Below Are The Services And Modalities

I offer a huge selection of services to help every part of your Mind Body and Spirit. These Modalities can be taken individually or together in a package. Contact to discuss your options and preferences.
Integrated Healing Sessions

Integrated Session

Integrated Sessions are the most common allowing the freedom to use multiple modalities to help facilitate your healing. This is a great first session choice.

enlightenment spiritual counselling and mentorship

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling is a combined talk therapy, coaching, and channeling session. Answers to deep questions are explored.

medical intuitive medical medium

Medical Intuitive session

Medical Intuitive or medical medium readings look at the whole being mind/body/spirit for health answers and healing.

BodyTalk intuitive therapy

BodyTalk Therapy

BodyTalk is a composite therapy based on Vedic breathing and applied kinesiology techniques of tapping.

spiritual fat-loss healing

Fat-Loss Healing

Heart clearing old emotional pain can have a dramatic effect on physical health specifically with body weight.

deep trance channeling with Orion Mott

Trance Channeling

Find answers through psychic channeling and intuitive searching. This is great to find hidden knowledge.


Concussion Therapy

Energy Neuroplasticity is great for healing concussion symptoms and many other disorders.

The Initial Session

For information about booking you initial session, please click the sessions button, 
To contact me, please click the contact button.

About Services

Orion Mott offers a comprehensive range of holistic and transformative services designed to support physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Specializing in modalities such as energy healing, intuitive guidance, and personal development coaching, Orion Mott empowers clients to achieve balance, clarity, and a deeper connection to their true selves. Whether seeking to alleviate stress, overcome personal challenges, or enhance overall wellness, clients can find tailored solutions that resonate with their unique needs and aspirations on Orion Mott’s platform.