Heart Clearing

Heart Clearing

Heart Clearing is a technique I discovered during the evolution of my career as an empathic spiritual counsellor.  It has some roots in BodyTalk and medical intuitive readings, but it is a stand-alone therapy its own right.  Since it combines more than one technique, I consider it an “Integrated Session.”

Heart clearing is basically giving the heart the voice to express itself on all matters both past and present.  Like a hard drive on a computer that records data, so too does the heart.  By accessing it directly without the filter of the mind, people can have a direct connection to their inner-most self.  When all things in the heart are voiced and removed, people can gain access to their spiritual center.  Most people cannot connect to this on their own because of the many things veiling this place of awareness.  This requires a second person to help through the layers of feelings and definitions.

When the heart is fully clear, the mind also reflects this state of being.  Many Canadian try to use their mind to deal with their feelings and emotions, but of course this is impossible.  The mind creates strategies, but it cannot stay present with emotions.  Only the heart is able to stay in the present moment. The heart is always beating and this pulse brings it into every moment in a physical and functional way.  This is why the heart is the only place true healing can occur.

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Interview about Heart Clearing