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The Initial Session

I always prefer to meet people at my Toronto office for our first visit and spend between 90 to 120 minutes so that I can listen to your story, answer all of your questions, and together set some goals for your healing. The initial intake process requires a bit of discussion and so that we can navigate your course efficiently. I work with every part of you (mind, body, and spirit) to help shift you into the direction of your preferences.  Some common topics that will can be addressed are: physical healing, self-fulfillment, self-acceptance, and accepting others in your life.  Healing and empowerment can take on many forms.

In some cases, I am able to come to your location as long as my schedule allows travel. I ask that your space is quiet and appropriate for our work together. A phone session together over Skype/FaceTime might be important if you are on holidays and need to connect. I am dedicated to giving you my very best customer service possible.

Integrated Sessions combine one or more therapies together such as a Medical Intuitive Reading combined with a Reiki Treatment. Other people may choose a Spiritual Counselling or Heart Clearing session combined with BodyTalk therapy.  All therapies are available in combination except Concussion Healing which can only be purchased as a stand alone treatment.

Click the bottom link below. Most sessions are booked between 1.5 to 2 hours.  Some modality combinations require more time than others, so please contact me about setting up an Integrated Healing Session.

Larger packages are discounted for your convenience.


Time session