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Spiritual Counselling Find Your Way

Based in Toronto, Spiritual Counseling offers intuitive mentorship designed to rekindle your passion and guide your life in a new, fulfilling direction. I often integrate Heart Clearing or BodyTalk techniques to help you release emotional baggage from the past or address current emotional challenges. During our interactions, I also tap into your Akashic record, a comprehensive archive unique to your life journey.

Do you feel a sense of completeness in your life, or is there something lacking that you wish to cultivate? Are you looking to break recurring patterns in your relationships and engage with the world in a new way? I am here to help you navigate these life themes. Unlike traditional therapy, which may require extensive time to see results, Spiritual Intuitive Counseling and Mentorship employs deep trance channeling and intuitive skills to quickly identify and address your core issues. I offer a wide range of healing methods, tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.


Many people wonder why they keep attracting similar types of partners. Often, the answer lies in their own emotional polarity. I can help you achieve a more balanced emotional state, especially focusing on the heart. In Canada, many people tend to be overly cerebral, but the heart is often where significant issues reside. For meaningful transformation, healing usually begins at the heart level.

Over the years, I’ve developed a technique called Heart Clearing. This approach encourages us to explore the deepest corners of your heart to release outdated emotions and beliefs. While your experiences don’t define you, they can sometimes haunt your daily thoughts. The mind alone cannot heal the heart; it’s the heart that heals itself when given the chance. Utilizing my empathic skills, I can assist you in reshaping your emotional relationship with your past.

Spiritual counselling and mentorship
Spiritual counselling and mentorship


People often seek my guidance for various reasons, including:

  • Coping with negative individuals, often referred to as “energy vampires”
  • Addressing issues related to empowerment or disempowerment
  • Learning to forgive oneself or others
  • Separating one’s identity from past experiences
  • Alleviating anxiety
  • Acquiring Reiki techniques for self-balancing

My approach to Spiritual Intuitive Counseling is a unique blend of skills I’ve acquired over the years, including insights from martial arts, Reiki, Chi Kung, and remote viewing. I’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse clientele, all united by a common desire for personal growth. Each session is customized to the individual and may include various modalities like Shamanic drumming or mediumship. My aim is to help you take control of your emotional and physical well-being, enhancing your awareness and mastery of innate spiritual tools that are easy to learn and apply.

I am committed to supporting your growth in any direction you choose. For further insights into the transformative experiences of others, I invite you to read the testimonials on my website. You can also visit my videos page for valuable perspectives on truth as I understand it.

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