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Spiritual Intuitive Counselling - Find Your Way

Spiritual Intuitive Counselling is an intuitive spiritual coaching that will help you reconnect with your passion, and take your life in a whole new direction.  In some cases, I prefer to combine this modality with Heart Clearing or BodyTalk to release emotions from your past, or current emotional hurts that are actively affecting your life.  As we connect, I also “read” your Akashic record which is a wealth of information specific to your life.

Are you fulfilled in life? Is there something missing that you wish to cultivate? Do you have a relationship theme that you want to change within yourself, so that the world can have a different relationship with you?  Let me help you own your themes.  Spiritual Intuitive Counselling and Mentorship can help you sort out a lifetime of issues very quickly.  This is not a typical therapy session that requires many hours of counselling until there is a shift in your life.  Using the abilities of deep trance channeling and intuitive skills, the major themes in your life become obvious.  I offer a wide range of techniques for healing because everyone is different, so the treatments are equally unique.

Often people want to find out why they keep attracting the same type of partners.  Most often it is because of their own polarity.  Rebalancing yourself and your heart is something I can help you with.  Many Canadians live in their head, and yet the important issues are recorded in their hearts.  In order to create positive change, the heart is where the healing usually begins.

Heart Clearing is a technique I have developed over the years.  This heart based counselling requires us to connect within your deepest parts of your heart in order to shift out old feelings and release whatever doesn’t belong.  You aren’t your experiences, but sometimes old things have a way of sticking in your day to day thoughts.  The head cannot heal the heart.  Only the heart can heal itself when given the opportunity.  I use my empathic abilities to help you connect and change your feelings about the past. Some of the reasons people work with me:

  • Dealing with negative people (energy vampires)
  • Issues around empowerment / disempowerment
  • Forgiveness of yourself or others
  • Separating your identity from your experiences
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Learn Reiki techniques for self balance

Spiritual Intuitive Counselling is a true combinations of my abilities.  My understanding of power from martial arts, energy from Reiki and Chi Kung, insights from remote viewing, and healing abilities have been cultivating over many years.

I have worked with many clients from all different fields.  The commonality is that people are looking for growth in their life.  This life coaching can assume different forms as I try to customize for each individual.  Some sessions require me to bring out my drum for Shamanic sessions, others require me to use my mediumship abilities.  Often I have people own their hearts and body to increase their awareness to use their innate tools.  The spiritual tools are very easy to teach and use, so I recommend exploring this together.

My energetic insight will guide you where you need to go in all areas of your life.  I believe in individual uniqueness, and I am excited to support your development in whichever direction you choose to explore.  Please feel free to read my testimonials for a description of what people discover about themselves in my sessions.  Also my videos page has a couple of solid nuggets of truth as I see it.


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