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concussion therapy

Concussion Therapy

Concussion therapy and healing with neuroplasticity in Toronto.  The brain can actively repair itself under certain conditions.  When we think about the brain, most of us see it as a computer that senses and coordinates the functions of the body.  Unfortunately, when the brain itself is traumatized, diagnosis is relatively the common approach, but successful treatment and recovery requires a specialized skill set.

I have spent the last ten years healing brain trauma such as concussions and various other brain conditions such as memory-loss, ADHD, and learning disabilities.  I call my technique Energy Neuroplasticity.  My therapy connects the cortices and the innate body wisdom directly.  This connection guides the consciousness of the brain to repair itself.  An analogy of this process is to imagine a traumatized brain like a worm that is severed into many different segments.  Each segment is disconnected to the whole and moves independently of the other segments.  Usually, I have found that the consciousness of post-concussive brain is locked into the reptilian brain in a protective cocoon.  By not being able to connect with other places such as the limbic and frontal sections, the consciousness stays in a perpetual trauma loop.  Through a specialized set of energetic and Applied Kinesiology techniques, focused intent, and my special ability to connect with brains, I can re-establish a harmonic confluence of cortical communication.  These means that the brain repairs itself.

The Brain Can Heal Itself

There are of course no guarantees in any healing modality because it requires the cooperation of many different factors.  However, the brain is extremely adaptable due to its neuroplasticity. I treat the whole spine as part of the brain.  Energy must flow up and down the spine naturally so that the cerebral spinal fluid can move unencumbered.  There is an energy in ancient mystical traditions known as the Kundalini.  This energy was said to travel up and down the spine to create healing, unity, and enlightenment experiences.  In the modern era we can separate this into two things.  The Cerebral spinal fluid, and the Chi energy that acupuncturists use for healing imbalances.  When this Chi energy is infused into the flow of the CS fluid, the brain is also positively effected by this technique by reducing swelling and irritation.  Usually when we work on spinal issues caused from an injury such as a concussion, the flow of Kundalini energy helps rebalance and realign the body. 

When it come to the fight or flight response of the Amygdala being switched on after a trauma, I have also found a few techniques useful to release the trauma and reset this brain part. 

This therapy is very different from Reiki or energy imposed on a person for healing,  Instead, this modality is a neutral energy that allows pineal activated energy to flow into the missing gaps.

Concussion Therapy for Symptom Relief

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