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Concussion Therapy

concussion healing with pineal activation

Embark on a journey of concussion therapy and healing, leveraging neuroplasticity right here in Toronto. The brain, with its remarkable capabilities, can actively self-repair under specific conditions. While many perceive the brain as a supercomputer responsible for body functions and sensory perception, dealing with brain trauma such as concussions often goes beyond mere diagnosis. It calls for a specialized skill set to ensure successful treatment and recovery.

Over the last decade, I have dedicated myself to healing brain trauma, including concussions and various other brain conditions such as memory-loss, ADHD, and learning disabilities. I have developed a unique approach I refer to as Energy Neuroplasticity. This therapy fosters a direct connection between the cortices and the inherent wisdom of the body. Guided by this connection, the brain’s consciousness embarks on its own repair journey.


To visualize this process, imagine a traumatized brain akin to a segmented worm, each part isolated from the whole and operating independently. Typically, in post-concussive brains, I’ve noticed that consciousness often retreats into the protective shell of the reptilian brain. Unable to establish connections with other areas like the limbic and frontal sections, this consciousness remains stuck in a continuous trauma loop.

By employing a unique blend of energetic techniques, Applied Kinesiology, focused intent, and my special ability to connect with brains, I can restore a harmonious flow of cortical communication. This essentially triggers the brain’s innate ability to heal itself.

Welcome to our concussion clinic in Toronto, where we offer innovative concussion healing through Energy Neuroplasticity. Let’s tap into your brain’s extraordinary power for self-repair.

The Brain Can Self-Heal

Navigating the path of healing, especially with regards to concussion recovery, is a nuanced process that involves the interplay of multiple factors. While no healing modality can offer absolute guarantees, the brain’s incredible adaptability and neuroplasticity offer a beacon of hope. In my approach to concussion healing, I consider the entire spine as an extension of the brain, central to achieving optimal results.

The natural flow of energy up and down the spine is essential, promoting the unimpeded movement of cerebral spinal fluid. Ancient mystical traditions speak of an energy known as Kundalini, believed to traverse the spine, fostering healing, unity, and enlightening experiences. In contemporary times, we can understand this as a twofold phenomenon comprising the Cerebral spinal fluid and the Chi energy, the latter commonly harnessed by acupuncturists for rebalancing imbalances.


When this Chi energy intertwines with the flow of CS fluid, the brain too reaps positive effects, with notable reduction in swelling and irritation. In instances where spinal issues arise from injuries like a concussion, the harmonious flow of Kundalini energy aids in rebalancing and realigning the body.

Dealing with the fight or flight response of the Amygdala, which tends to become hyperactive post-trauma, I employ a series of specialized techniques to help release the trauma and reset this crucial brain part.

Contrary to modalities like Reiki or other energy healing practices where energy is imposed on an individual, this approach is rooted in neutrality. It facilitates the flow of pineal-activated energy into the missing gaps, further bolstering the process of concussion healing. Embark on your recovery journey with our specialized approach to concussion healing, fostering your brain’s inherent neuroplasticity for optimal results.

Concussion Therapy for Symptom Relief

Pineal - The Master Gland

Deep within the brain lies the endocrine gland known as the pineal gland. This central organ, often referred to as the “third eye,” holds the key to unlocking remarkable strides in concussion healing. By accessing this organ, we can overlay its template onto damaged tissues, inducing a realignment of neurons and ultimately promoting brain healing.

Energy Neuroplasticity, a unique concussion therapy, stands apart from conventional techniques that attempt to impose healing conditions, such as hyperbaric oxygen chambers. This revolutionary approach connects directly with the brain, localizing treatment to the damaged areas.

Unlike other alternative healing modalities—BodyTalk, Medical Intuitive Readings, Reiki, Kinesiology, and Chi Kung—Energy Neuroplasticity follows a distinct philosophy. It neither adds nor subtracts energy. Contrary to many energy healing modalities that view energy as a flowing stream, Energy Neuroplasticity perceives it as a static resonance. Leveraging the pineal gland’s wealth of information, we can realign the electromagnetic resonance around the brain, prompting the brain to self-align.


Think of this type of energy healing like holding a dog’s tail and watching the dog wag itself. The brain, like the dog, has inherent capabilities for self-healing under certain conditions. Energy Neuroplasticity has been effective in relieving symptoms of concussions, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and learning disabilities. Often, three successive 60-minute treatments over two weeks can dramatically improve these conditions.

With each session, concussion therapy using Energy Neuroplasticity becomes increasingly easier for the client, as they can access the appropriate frequency and expand their awareness with greater ease. Before embarking on a session of Energy Neuroplasticity, please reach out to Orion via phone or email (found on the contact page). Below, you’ll find a link to purchase sessions for your path towards concussion healing.

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