Mystical Power of the Heart

Mystical Power of the Heart.

As a Canadian, specifically a Torontonian, I have found that a primary cause of chronic pain and anxiety is our preoccupation with living in our head and thoughts.  Not to put down the wonders of the mind, but the heart has incredible healing abilities.  What we think about ourselves, and our body, does not have any effect on our health or wellbeing.  Conversely, our definitions and beliefs combined with feelings and visualizations dramatically effects our health.  Our visualized feelings are the language of our cells. So, naturally feeling powerful, healthy, and loved will have a very different effect on our health than feeling unloved, abandoned, and worthless.  Its not so much about repeating a mantra (that we don’t believe) but rather removing the emotional issues at the source of our pain.

The Heart

The heart contains many of our negative feelings and experience held in certain geographical locations throughout this organ.  Many years ago, I stumbled on this truth during one of my medical intuitive readings for a client.  Over the process of years, I have developed a technique I have termed “Heart Clearing” which uses a combination of neuroplasticity and energy healing.  In a session, I help people read their own heart so they can release old feelings, people, and events that no longer serve their highest good.  When someone’s heart is fully cleared, they can connect to their chronic pains and diseases and find the missing pieces to this puzzle.  Chronic pain and many diseases often take the form of unreleased feelings of low self-worth, guilt, shame, anger, abandonment, or general disconnection with the body.

The location of pain held in the heart also relates to our body health.  This is especially true with trauma.  People are always fascinated about the extent of pain they hold within themselves relating to their experiences with other people.  Here is an example. People who hold onto feelings of abandonment from a parent, often abandon themselves in one form or another.  The same is true of other feelings derived from experiences.

Our physical health is directly related to the amount of love and joy we can hold in our hearts, but often this energy is usurped by negative feelings towards our self relating to past negative experiences.  By examining and removing pain from the heart, we can recover the capacity to create a joyful life.  The heart is designed to be open and full like a child but tempered by the wisdom of our life.  Acting on our joy, curiosity, and passion magnetizes us to becoming self-realized.  To be our full self, with nothing denied, should be our goal in life.


Orion Mott is a spiritual counsellor, medical intuitive, concussion healer, trance channeler, Bio-Mechanical Specialist, BodyTalk practitioner, shamanic healer, martial artist, and Reiki master in Toronto.  He specializes in empowering people to be their full self and works often with people with cancer, chronic pain, ADHD, concussions, PTSD, mental illness, and various diseases.