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Life Coach

Life Coach services differ from healing therapies in that Life Coaching is based on exploring the now moment and setting goals for the future.  The healing modalities differ in that they focus is healing from past wounds and trauma.  A Life Coach is someone who helps you make decisions about the future and works with you to overcome perceived obstacles in your path.

Each Life Coach brings with them a specific toolset of abilities.  Orion is a certified Life Coach, and he specializes helping everyone find their superpower. Combined with a powerful psychic ability, Orion is gifted at helping people find out who they could become.

There are so many talented people in the world who waste their gifts by focusing on being comfortable with what they know instead of focusing on developing their gifts and strive towards the unknown.  Exploring the unknown can be overwhelming and a bit scary at times.  This is why a Life Coach can really help people stay on the path to success.

Success in life can take many forms:

     -Business and Career change

     -Relationship challenges within the self or with others

     -Achieving fitness goals

     -Learning new things and completing tasks

When we look around, we notice people achieving success, and it is easy to say “I want that…”  Everyone is unique, so how success is achieved has to be tailored made.  Some abilities need to be developed, while others can be delegated elsewhere.  This can only be determined with fundamental exploration of Self.

By working with a psychic Life Coach, a lot of time is saved by jumping to the important issues instead of long personality quizzes and assessment tools.  Although these are standard practice among Life Coaches, they can be very tedious and not always accurate.  These measure what a person thinks they know about themselves.  By skipping over this step, a session can get right down to limiting fears in the way of success. 

Life Coaching is a great follow-up with people who have already done their healing work in the past.  This “forward thinking” approach can help recognize what you want instead of dealing with all of the things you don’t want.  Whether the successes are big or small, a coach is very useful to help you stay on your path.

To begin with, contact Orion about your desire to begin Life Coaching and setup a schedule for the sessions.

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