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Health and Wellness clinic
35 Coldwater Rd. Toronto, ON M3B 1Y8
(Leslie/York Mills area)
or Online

(Preferred Method)

Business hours

Mon – Sunday
10am – 8pm

Health and Wellness Office

integrated sessions contact Shape Health and Wellness Toronto

My office is located in North York, Toronto.  I offer many modalities such as Medical Intuitive Readings, Japanese Usui Reiki, Heart Clearing, Concussion Therapy and more.

In some cases I am able to travel to your location.  Please have an appropriate space conducive for therapy.  I require a very quiet space free from noises or distractions.

For international clients who cannot come to my Toronto office for a session, some of my services are available remotely via Skype or FaceTime.  Please contact me by texting the phone number:

(416) 801-1042

Sessions online or in person are available. 

Sometimes emails get lost. Please text messages to my phone or call directly for the quickest response.

Please text or call 416-801-0142 to contact me. iMessage, Signal App, and WhatsApp is also recommended for quickest response.

I am a Medical intuitive/Medical Medium based out of Toronto, Canada, providing intuitive healing and spiritual life-coaching.  These services are available both in person and online for people who live far away or have less mobility.

My clients typically start off with an integrated session combining medical intuitive readings with an energy healing modality such as a Heart Clearing session.  After healing issues of the past, clients shift into Spiritual Life Coaching to help with relationships, goal-setting, and business ventures.  The life coaching incorporates a bit of psychic and Akashic record reading combined with encouragement to bring out the best in people.  As people, we are generally risk avoidant, but healthy risk taking is necessary for preferred outcomes.

All of our sessions begin with goal setting to add an important focus of our session together.  Good communication is the key to efficiency.  The best way to reach out to me is via text message to my telephone. 

Contact me at (416) 801-0142 

Shape Health and Wellness clinic

35 Coldwater Rd. Toronto,

ON M3B 1Y8

(Leslie/York Mills area) or Online