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Orion Mott – Medical Intuitive, Concussion Therapist, and Reiki Master Toronto.  For those who don’t know me, my name is Orion Mott, and I am an emphatic coach, body healer, and spiritual mentor. My interest in energetic therapies evolved from years of training and studying at my family owned martial art school. Exposure to many masters in Karate, Chi-Kung, Native Shamanism, Kung-Fu, Aikido, and Escrima Kali, helped set a foundation for expanding my knowledge and awareness. The commonality to these disciplines, is a sense of energy flow and a keen awareness of people’s energy field. In martial arts class, sparring was not only about developing fast reflexes, but also learning to read weaknesses in opponents auric field.  As a healer, I use the same perception, but instead of combat training, I use my perception to help people rebalance themselves.

Philosophy Of Balance

For me, instilling the idea of balance is ultimate goal of being a mentor and coach for people.  Respecting the mind, heart and body is crucial for one’s overall health. However, we often find it hard to maintain this balance due to various factors such as stress. My goal is to not only help people heal their internal battles, but also develop strategies to release external stressors. Empowerment is a fulcrum of balance. We can become empowered by changing our definition of past events. A seemingly negative event can have an emotionally neutral or positive result, but it must be observed from a different point of view.

To strengthen and heal the body, I use a combination of personal training, biomechanical corrective exercise therapy, Chi Kung, and Martial Arts training. It is important to have proper structural and cardiovascular development and move with a powerful spiritual focus.

To Strengthen the mind, I teach many techniques during a spiritual mentorship session. Meditation helps people shift from their daily personality to a larger sense of being-ness. Our day to day mind is a bit all over the place. When I can shift someone into the frequency of their being, the desired awareness comes forth. Imbalances in the mind reflect imbalances in the heart.  

Our hearts contain powerful tools for healing and transformation. Clearing the heart from old memories, abuse, heartbreak, abandonment and other experience-based feelings can be disempowering.  Trusting the heart to heal itself requires a deep dive into the abyss and a fearlessness that I am more than happy to share. 

Concussion Healing

One of my passions is to help people achieve a healthy body. It is the reason that I pursued a career where I could combine my knowledge and skills in healing arts and physical training. I have worked with various clients suffering from brain injuries such as concussions and even eye trauma. I combine techniques of Reiki and BodyTalk to re-polarize the left and right brain as well as rewire individual lobes to reduce local inflammation and affect the concussive symptomology. I’ve called this therapy Energy Neuroplasticity.

I also worked with young people with severe learning disabilities. Many young adults and children suffer from learning disabilities.  They are often classified as ADD, ADH, comprehension disorder etc.  In the New Age philosophy, they are called “Crystal Children or “Indigo Children.” These children are born with high physiological and emotional sensitivity and often have a misunderstood genius. Many of them, however, think that their sensitivity is a curse. Sensitivity is not a curse; It is a very powerful tool that must be understood. Sensitives only have to learn how to accept and use the power of their physiological, psychological, and emotional ability effectively.

Meet me Samantha Crisp Interview

Unleashing Your Healing Potential with Energy Neuroplasticity

Published on May 6th, 2021
Written by Samantha Crisp

Toronto Brain Healer, Orion Mott, has spent the last 15 years working with clients to heal concussions and brain issues such as: tinnitus, brain fog, eye trauma, ADHD and more. His patented healing modality is called Energy Neuroplasticity and his journey to discovering his healing gift and the self-healing potential of our own bodies will astound you.

I interviewed Orion to learn more about Energy Neuroplasticity, how he discovered it, and why more people need to know about this one-of-a-kind concussion therapy.

Question (Sam): I want to start off by understanding the origin of energy neuroplasticity therapy. Can you explain how you discovered your own abilities with this and the healing potential that this therapy offers?

Answer (Orion): I was a personal trainer back in 2004 and I had just started shifting my career towards energy healing. I had taken a course called BodyTalk therapy, which was very popular at the time. BodyTalk is an applied kinesiology treatment that involves muscle testing and intuitively asking the body questions to identify areas of the body that need attention. One day, one of my clients came in with a concussion from a hockey injury. His injury was very localized in the front of his head and I did my typical BodyTalk treatment on him with no noticeable improvement. He was a good friend, so we were just sitting there chatting and I put my hand on top of his head and said, ‘let me just see what I feel up there.’ As I was feeling his head, I began to feel his pain and that particular blockage in my own head. I was able to mirror inside of me what was going on with him. So then I said, ‘hey, can you feel the heat of my hand?’ and as he shifted his awareness to the heat of my hands I felt what I could only describe as a release in my head. He felt the same release in his head and just like that, his concussion was gone. A couple years later, someone else came in with a concussion, so I decided to give that same method another try. It worked. Not just with that client, but with a lot of other athletes I worked with, too.

Question (Sam): Can you describe what is happening internally for both you and the patient during this treatment?

Answer (Orion): So the pineal gland sits in the very center of the brain and it’s basically a transceiver and transmitter. It’s able to reach out to the ethers or to the electromagnetic energy around your brain and it tunes what we would call ‘the soul’ to the body, or to the ‘higher self.’ During brain healing, I am able to feel the part of the client’s brain that is damaged and I will feel that in my own brain. However, my brain will feel that and want to make an adjustment, it will want to make a fix. As I put my hands on their head, there’s a reflection of energy that happens, so when I heal it in my brain it heals it in theirs. It’s like I am moving Lego blocks and I’m pulling and pushing them around until I reach alignment. Once alignment is achieved, we would both feel a release sensation. It is like this “ahhhh” feeling. I feel it first and about 10 seconds later the client will feel it too. It is a sequential way of building from the back of the brain to the front.

Question (Sam): So you can feel the same sensation that they are feeling in their head?

Answer (Orion): Absolutely. That’s one of the curses of being a highly intuitive person. Growing up, I was considered ‘excessively sensitive’, which as a child meant I was very emotional. The high sensitivity means that I can feel the electromagnetic frequencies of the brain and I have no idea how I do that. I think I was just born that way.

Question (Sam): Do you know of anyone else that is able to do this?

Answer (Orion): There’s a lot of interesting treatments out there. There’s an electromagnetic resonance machine that’s really big right now in California for PTSD, where they shoot electromagnetic frequencies into the brain to re-jig the neurology. Other than that, I haven’t heard of anyone doing anything remotely similar to me, which is kind of fun but also kind of daunting because…it’s a little strange. To try and explain it to people is hard. You have to try it and feel it yourself to really comprehend how it works. And it’s not limited to concussions, I work with people with ADHD, schizophrenia, brain trauma from chemical reactions. Over the years, I’ve actually had a lot of success working with ADHD clients.

Question (Sam): How does this therapy benefit people with ADHD?

Answer (Orion): A lot of people with ADHD don’t know how to access their frontal cortex, specifically the left part of their temple, which is the organizational part of the brain. In many cases they are all right brained and they can’t access that higher reasoning. I work with them to stretch awareness forward into the frontal cortex.

Question (Sam): What does the healing process look like for your clients after completing these therapy sessions?

Answer (Orion): I’ll explain what it’s like for someone with a concussion. So think of a concussion as the feeling of being underwater. When you speak, when you move, everything is slowed down. Everything takes time and it’s frustrating because you know it should go faster. I would describe the first treatment as the body starting to feel a bit better. It feels like their head is now above water. Their focus is better, their energy is better. The second treatment feels like they are half out of the water, it’s reaching around the waist. The third treatment is usually where they feel their feet are now coming out of the water. Sometimes there’s a fourth treatment, depending on how severe it is, and how fast they learn, because it’s all about them learning how to use their brain. Usually it takes about 3 sessions, but it really depends on how they’re wired and how they want to heal.

Question (Sam): How does energy neuroplasticity differ from some of your other therapy treatments such as Reiki and BodyTalk therapy?

Answer (Orion): Reiki is the idea of sourcing energy from a divine source and being the vessel of that and putting it into a body. It is a directed flow from the source to the target. BodyTalk is having the person’s body tell you what’s wrong so you can break it down to the specifics of what’s going on in the body and do breathing and tapping treatments to re-align things. This concussion therapy is its own thing. It’s the idea of someone connecting with their own pineal gland, me connecting with mine, and then our pineal glands connecting together. I am stretching consciousness from the pineal gland out from the head, out from the body. It’s like I am helping to put a template over the brain and then the brain is like ‘oh, I just need to fix myself’ and in a high frequency, it has the ability to do that. People are in a sort of hypnotic space during this therapy. It’s not that I’m putting them there, that’s just the natural state where the healing happens. I try to empower them with the knowledge that they are doing the healing as well, not just me.

Question (Sam): If you could leave the readers with one last takeaway, what would it be?

Answer (Orion): There are alternative therapies and treatments out there that can help you in your healing process. They just aren’t made as public, and sometimes you have to go out and look for them. People need to have an open mind and understand that they have the ability to heal themselves, sometimes you just need someone that can help walk you through that process.

For more information on Orion and his services you can visit his website at: Orion offers various services such as: Reiki, BodyTalk, Concussion Therapy, Spiritual Counselling, Trance-Channeling, Medical Intuitive Readings, and Fat Loss Healing at his office located in North York, Toronto. These services are considered essential and made available throughout the covid-19 lockdowns. Unleash your healing power with Orion Mott!

"I felt a new surge of confidence, and for the first time last evening I didn't care about what others thought of me. It was one of the most freeing and amazing times in my life. Thank-you so much for opening my eyes to what life could be if I just do it."
industrialist (Client)

From Martial Arts to Energy Healing

Orion Mott Reiki Master Toronto

As my knowledge grew, I found a great respect for simplicity of energetic therapies. ReikiTrance-Channeling, and BodyTalk training have matured me into a multifaceted teacher, and I am often sought out for my wisdom and guidance.

During a session, I shift myself into energetic planes of consciousness that are profound.  There have been many moments when I felt as if I was just a leaf upon the wind of quantum realities.

I feel a sense of duty to teach and share all that I have learned so that I can give back for all that I have received in my life.

Orion Mott Reiki Toronto Medical Intuitive Concussion Healing Spiritual Counselling