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Meet Me

I am Orion Mott, emphatic coach, body healer, and spiritual mentor. My interest in energetic therapies evolved from years of training and studying at my family owned martial art school. Exposure to many masters in Karate, Chi-Kung, Native Shamanism, Kung-Fu, Aikido, and Escrima Kali, helped set a foundation for my energy awareness. The commonality to these disciplines, was sense of energy flow and awareness of people’s energy field. Reading a person’s energy field while sparring is the same as reading someone’s field when I am working as a healer. The ultimate achievement of spiritual perception is the ability to sense beyond what the eyes can see.
Philosophy Of Balance

For me, installing the idea of balance in clients is the most important matter. Respecting the mind, heart and body is crucial for one’s overall health. However, we often find it hard to maintain this balance due to various factors such as stress. My goal is to not only help people heal their internal battles, but also develop strategies to fight external stressors. Empowerment is a fulcrum of balance. We can become empowered by changing our definition of past events. A seemingly negative event can have an emotionally neutral or positive result.
To strengthen and heal the body, I use a combination of personal training, biomechanical corrective exercise therapy, Chi Kung, and Martial Arts training. It is important to have proper structural and cardiovascular development and move with a powerful spiritual focus.
To Strengthen the mind, I teach many techniques during a spiritual mentorship session. Meditation helps people shift from their daily personality to a larger sense of being-ness. Our day to day mind is a bit all over the place. When I can shift someone into the frequency of their being, the desired awareness comes forth.

BodyTalk and Applied Kinesiology applies to healing deeper physiological or psychological imbalances. It combines breath work and energetic tapping to reconnect a person with their innate body wisdom, allowing the body to heal itself. Trance-Channeling for more complex matters.

Concussion Healing

One of my passions is to help people achieve a healthy body. It is the reason that I pursued a career where I could combine my knowledge and skills in healing arts and physical training. I have worked with various clients suffering from brain injuries such as concussions and even eye trauma. I combine techniques of Reiki and BodyTalk to re-polarize the left and right brain as well as rewire individual lobes to reduce local inflammation and affect the concussive symptomology. I’ve called this therapy Energy Neuroplasticity.

I also worked with young people with severe learning disabilities. Many young adults and children suffer from learning disabilities.  They are often classified as ADD, ADH, comprehension disorder etc.  In the New Age philosophy, they are called “Crystal Children or “Indigo Children.” These children are born with high physiological and emotional sensitivity and often have a misunderstood genius. Many of them, however, think that their sensitivity is a curse. Sensitivity is not a curse; It is a very powerful tool that must be understood. Sensitives only have to learn how to accept and use the power of their physiological, psychological, and emotional ability effectively.

As someone who was born with similar extreme sensitivity, I want to help these people understand what they can do. I used different techniques to boost my perceptual and cognitive acuity. I was born as a “3D visualizer,” so I see information as a 3D visual image in my head. Dealing with words on a page was hard for me, and it wasn’t until the word concepts were adjusted into visualized three-dimensional images, that I could use these images to ascertain their meaning. My psychic awakening happened in 2003, when I was able to remotely visualize anything I was asked to find. This ability is called Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing is a technique of bringing a person’s consciousness to a point in space-time to see a certain target. I discovered this ability while having a relaxing conversation with a doctor about a patient he wished for me to meet. At that time, I was very relaxed and told the doctor about various details regarding his patient, including six black spots his patient’s brain. It turned out that the doctor’s patient had six cranial tumors. This experience led me to realize that I can read a human body remotely and since then, I’ve been using this ability to successfully perform various Medical Intuitive Readings.

Children with high physiological and emotional sensitivity have different abilities that should be discovered and developed early in life. I love showing them their unique gifts and teaching them how to use their energy and ability in positive and productive ways. Perception is power.

"I felt a new surge of confidence, and for the first time last evening I didn't care about what others thought of me. It was one of the most freeing and amazing times in my life. Thank-you so much for opening my eyes to what life could be if I just do it."
Orion Mott
From Martial Arts to Energy Healing

As my knowledge grew, I found a great respect for simplicity of energetic therapies. ReikiTrance-Channeling, and BodyTalk training have matured me into a multifaceted teacher, and I am often sought out for my wisdom and guidance.

During a session, I shift myself into energetic planes of consciousness that are profound.  There have been many moments when I felt as if I was just a leaf upon the wind of quantum realities.

I feel a sense of duty to teach and share all that I have learned so that I can give back for all that I have received in my life.