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Group Events

Group Events For Your Party

In the bustling world we live in, finding a moment for peace and personal growth is more important than ever. Orion Mott, a renowned expert in spiritual and intuitive disciplines, offers transformative group events designed to guide attendees on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Whether you are looking to enhance your spiritual awareness, learn new skills, or simply find a peaceful retreat from daily stresses, Orion’s tailored sessions are the perfect opportunity.

Orion Mott can be hired for half-day or full-day events, each carefully structured to meet the unique needs of the group. His extensive range of training options includes remote viewing, shamanic journeying, candle making, energy healing, meditation, martial arts, and chi kung. These sessions are designed not only to teach valuable skills but also to foster an environment of growth and healing.

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Workshops and Party Concepts

Trance-Channeling and Remote Viewing

Participants can explore the profound realms of trance-channeling where they might experience direct communication with spiritual entities or higher self. Alongside, Orion’s remote viewing workshops offer insights into accessing and seeing beyond the physical, tapping into the vast potential of the human mind.

Shamanic Journeying and Candle Making
Discover the ancient practice of shamanic journeying to connect with spirit guides and nature’s wisdom. Complement this spiritual voyage with the serene craft of candle making, where participants can create their own beacons of light and energy, perfect for meditation and relaxation.  All candle related materials can be found on link (image) below. candle making class Toronto

Energy Healing, Meditation, Martial Arts, and Chi Kung
Orion’s energy healing techniques focus on balancing the body’s energies to foster health and vitality. Meditation sessions aim to quiet the mind and sharpen focus, providing techniques that participants can carry into their daily lives. For those interested in physical engagement, Orion offers martial arts and chi kung training, emphasizing not only physical fitness but also the cultivation of internal strength and spiritual alignment.

Other Ideas For Your workshop

Learn Usui Reiki, Remote Viewing, Medical Intuitive Training, Muscle Testing, Learn Trance-Channeling, guided meditation, Silent Zen meditation and Self-defense.  General psychic workshops are available for small groups in Toronto and the GTA. 

Why Choose Orion?
Orion Mott’s breadth of knowledge and compassionate teaching style make his workshops an exceptional choice for groups looking to explore the depths of their potential. His ability to adapt to the needs of his audience ensures that each participant, regardless of their experience level, gains valuable insights and practical skills to aid in their personal and spiritual development.

Orion’s sessions are more than just training; they are an immersive experience that fosters growth, healing, and community. Whether you are planning a corporate team-building event, a wellness retreat, or a specialized workshop, Orion Mott tailors his offerings to match the group’s energy and objectives.

Booking Information
Investing in a session with Orion Mott means opening doors to new ways of thinking and being. It’s an opportunity for your group to bond over shared spiritual experiences and to leave with enhanced tools for managing life’s challenges. Whether you choose a half-day introduction or a full-day deep dive, your group will benefit from a renewed sense of purpose and well-being.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your group’s dynamic and to instill a lasting sense of peace and understanding. Contact us today to reserve your group event with Orion Mott and start a journey that promises profound personal and collective growth. Join Orion in exploring these transformative practices and unlock the hidden potentials of your mind and spirit.

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