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Medical Intuitive Readings

Medical Intuitive Readings

Medical intuitive readings, also known as medical mediumship, is a specialized skill that involves tapping into an individual’s energy field that exists both within and around their physical body. This energy field is akin to a hologram that provides a comprehensive view or can be examined from multiple angles. Often, physical discomforts that may eventually develop into diseases can be identified at an energetic level. The body tends to store unresolved emotions and life experiences. As a skilled medical intuitive and medical medium in Toronto, I can connect with a person’s body and identify the primary issues linked to their areas of concern. These imbalances are often symbolically stored in the body. Here are some general observations made over the years:

medical intuitive readings in Toronto with Orion Mott

Emotion Related Examples

  • Right side of the body – Associated with male issues: fathers, brothers, sons, male bosses, partners
  • Left Side of the body – Tied to female issues: mothers, sisters, daughters, female bosses, partners
  • Knees – Represent fear or memories of fearful events
  • Ankles – Reflect rigid ideals and decision-making processes
  • Elbows – Indicate issues around ego and power struggles
  • Spine – Denotes issues around support, or a lack of support from self or others
  • Jaw – Connected to expressing your true feelings
  • Ovaries – Related to issues concerning womanhood and feminine worth (trust issues and negative sexual experiences tend to manifest in this area)
  • Prostate – Highlights issues around male/female imbalances (like suppressing a male’s sensitive side)

While there are countless more examples, the aforementioned are common body issues that I’ve observed. The body effectively records the emotional aspect of our experiences.

Being a highly sensitive individual since birth, I have always been able to sense the energy field within and around a person, even though I’ve never seen an aura. My background in Kinesiology, Remote Viewing, and Intuitive Readings naturally led me to become a proficient medical intuitive. I can connect with a person, sense their body’s energy, and accurately pinpoint areas of concern and irritation.

A Medical intuitive reading primarily involves an in-depth scanning technique that harmonizes well with other healing techniques and modalities.  Intuitive Readings involve a complete scan of a person’s body to identify physical, emotional, and mental disturbances and imbalances. Once these imbalances have been localized, other healing techniques can be implemented to promote healing. I exercise discernment in healing, offering my services only to those who genuinely seek healing. In certain cases, individuals might need their imbalances, or sometimes, a disease or imbalance could be karmically related, serving as an important challenge for the soul’s journey.

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How I "Read" a Person

There are various methods to conduct a reading. The technique I frequently employ involves aligning my head and heart. My head serves as a focusing lens, similar to a microscope, allowing me to zoom into specific areas. My heart helps me to “feel” my way around a person’s body. This combination provides me with a comprehensive picture of what’s happening within the body. For a deeper exploration in a medical intuitive reading, I enter an altered state of trance channeling to receive more detailed information.

Medical medium and intuitive readings are optimally conducted remotely via telephone or Skype. The mental focus required for this type of therapy can be affected by extraneous sounds, smells, and the energy of a nearby person. However, with years of practice, I have become proficient at conducting them in person.

If you’re interested in experiencing a medical intuitive or medical medium reading, please reach out to me to schedule a session.

Intuitive Healing

Although doing a reading about issues people are dealing with is important, the next logical step is intuitive healing.  When a medical medium reading is combined with healing in an integrated sessions, there is a great opportunity for change.  It is a personal choice to do healing around an issue and most people choose this option.  Intuitive healing is based on clearing out issues held in the heart and then directing healing energy from the heart in to the area of concern.  This produce lasting change in terms of flow and chemistry.  This is the direction of healing I recommended for people with chronic illness.

Medical Evidence

There have been studies of medical intuitive medical medium readings that show strong evidence to support the validity of this ability. Here is an abstract from a study published on

Assessing the Accuracy of Medical Intuition: A Subjective and Exploratory Study
Wendie Colter 1, Paul J Mills 2
Affiliations expand
PMID: 33107744 DOI: 10.1089/acm.2020.0244

Background: Medical Intuition is a system of expanded perception gained through the human sense of intuition. Medical Intuition focuses on visualization skills and intuitive and innovative scanning to obtain information from the physical body and its energy systems. Medical Intuition is designed to assist health care providers in a cost-effective, targeted approach to a patient’s presenting concerns, and is not meant to serve as a diagnosis of illness or disease. Objectives: This exploratory study examined subjective accuracy and rates of acceptance of trained Medical Intuitives. Settings: Sixty-seven adult women and men served as study participants. Procedure: The procedure for each medical intuition session was standardized. Thirty or 60-min sessions were conducted by phone or video. The participant verbally provided their name at the beginning of the session. The Medical Intuitives were instructed not to engage in any conversation with the participant other than telling them the information they were “seeing” during the scanning process. Following the session, each participant completed an anonymous online standardized case report form documenting their assessment of the reading. Results: Findings included a 94% accuracy rate of the Medical Intuitive’s ability to locate and evaluate the participant’s primary physical issue; 100% accuracy to locate a secondary physical issue (86% of participants responding); 98% accuracy in describing the participant’s life events, and 93% accuracy in describing a connection between the life events and health issues. Conclusions: These initial findings suggest that trained Medical Intuitives have strong subjectively reported accuracy rates identifying primary and secondary health issues and that their services are positively evaluated in the context of an individual’s concerns regarding their health.

Keywords: accuracy rates; biofield; medical intuition.

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