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Medical Intuitive Readings

Medical Intuitive Readings

Medical intuitive readings, or medical mediumship, is the ability to tune into a person by reading the energy field that permeates both within and around their body.  This energy field is similar to a hologram that can be viewed as a whole, or from many angles.  Many physical irritations that can later manifest into a disease, are detectable on an energetic level.  Often, there are trapped emotions and unresolved life experiences that are stored in the body.  As a medical intuitive, I tune into a person’s body and feel the primary issues relating to the areas of concern.  The body often stores these imbalances in a symbolic way.  The following are just some general observations that I have found over the years:


Right side of the body – Male issues: fathers, brothers, sons, male boss, partners

Left Side of the body – Female issues: Mother, sister, daughter, female boss, partners

Knees – Fear or memories of fearful events

Ankles – Rigid Ideals and decision making

Elbows – Issues around Ego and Power struggles

Spine – Issues around support, lack of support from self or others

Jaw – Speaking your true feelings

Ovaries – Issues regarding womanhood and feminine worth (trust issues and negative sexual experiences show up in this area)

Prostate – Issues around male/female imbalances (not allowing a male to express his sensitive side)

There are infinitely more examples, but I’ve found these are standard body issues.  The body records the emotions of the experiences

I was born as a highly sensitive person.  I have never seen an aura, but I can always feel the energy field around and within a person.  A combination of a Kinesiology background, Remote Viewing, and Intuitive Readings has led me to become a natural medical intuitive.  I tune into a person and feel around their body and ping precise locations of issues and irritations.

The readings are primarily an in-depth scanning technique that works well in conjunction with other healing techniques and modalities. The Medical Intuitive Reading consists of a full scan of a person’s body to pick up areas that contain any physical, emotional and mental disturbances and imbalances.  Once the nature and location of the imbalances have been localized, other healing modalities and techniques can be applied in order to facilitate healing.  I use my discernment on healing, and only heal people who want to be healed.  In some cases, people need to keep their imbalances.  Other times, an imbalance or disease is karmically related and an important challenge for the soul to experience.

Medical mediumship readings are best performed remotely via telephone or Skype.  The mental focus for this kind of therapy can be effected by extraneous sounds, smells, and the energy of a nearby person.  Over the years I have become better at doing them in person.

If you want to have a medical intuitive or medical medium reading, please contact me to setup a time or date for a session.

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