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Trance Channeling

I have truly enjoyed the exploration of my Trance Channeling ability.  As a child I would often channel a booming voice that seemed to have answers to people’s questions.  Over time, I have practiced this ability to the point where a seemingly separate part of my consciousness comes through to answer questions.  These sessions should be recorded as I am not fully cognitive during the sessions because I am in deep trance.  I have people tell me that the information presented during the channeling was extremely helpful, but I often have no recall the specifics.  The “entity” that speaks is part of my Higher Self or soul collective.

A person should come into a channeling session with many specific questions.  Questions ranging from personal, business, relationships, to the more esoteric ideas of “what’s my purpose in this life?” often yield interesting conversations.  Even though information is given about your relationship with others, the channeled entity is cautious about discussing specifics regarding other people.  People’s privacy is respected during the readings.  What can be discussed is how you relate to this person, and what you are learning about yourself when you interact with them.

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