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Heal Your Life

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Medical Intuitive
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Heal Your Life

Orion Mott Reiki healer and medical intuitive in Toronto

Orion Mott
Medical Intuitive
Energy Healer
Reiki Master

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I use my passion and extensive knowledge of the energy healing arts to provide you with a broad range of techniques.  It is my goal to facilitate the necessary paradigm shift that will allow you to spiritually awaken.  I am located in Toronto, Canada and my services are available at my Toronto office or online.

You are a unique expression of Divinity, and it is always my joy to help you experience your true Being. Through my expertise in Reiki Energy Healing, BodyTalk, Concussion Healing Therapy, Spiritual Intuitive Counselling, Deep Trance-Channeling, Life Coaching, Corrective Exercise, Medical Intuitive Readings, and Fat Loss Healing, I can help you reconnect with your innate wisdom. Click on the hyperlink above or use the menu navigation.

The most important relationship you will ever have, is the one that you have with yourself.  Often our chronic pain and diseases have emotional, physical, and energetic components to them that stems from our beliefs derived through our experiences.  Emotions are shaped by our beliefs and can lead to themes such as issues of worth, guilt, abandonment, fear, anger, protection, loss, and grief.  It is important to know your themes so that true healing can begin.  

There are many techniques for helping you find your stability other than a simple chakra balance.  The brain, the heart, and the body all store vital information about our health that can be accessed through spiritual counselling, energy healing, or medical intuitive readings.

To begin, I suggest either a phone call to discuss your goals or read about an Integrated Healing Session that can encompass multiple modalities.  Often, people choose a two-hour session so that many aspects of mind/body/spirit can be addressed.  Click below for the Sessions page to learn more about an Integrated Session.

"As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears."
- Rumi


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Why Energy Medicine?


People invite me into their life at the beginning or in the middle of a major transition. Change can be hard for some people, because although they may intellectually comfortable with the idea of a change, the true examination of barriers requires a guide.  Anxiety is caused from living in the head and avoiding feelings felt in the heart.  Heart Clearing is a process of having a client read their own heart, and clearing out blockages.  There is an ethical element here of helping people learn to read their own heart.  Often people say that they feel like their own medical intuitive because they are able to stay balanced on their own and don’t require repeated sessions to do so.

Reiki therapy is a relaxing modality designed to rebalance chakras through an intuitive energy healing process.  BodyTalk therapy incorporates muscle testing and Kinesiology to determine the path of rebalancing.  One of the most direct routes to intuitive health information is a medical intuitive session.  My medical intuitive reading ability developed from my BodyTalk and Reiki training.  I would both “see” and “intuit” the answers before I could muscle test them.  I am able to do very accurate readings about a person’s health just my a name, age, and address and permission from the client.  Medical intuitive readings can be integrated with trance channeling sessions to become a multifaceted approach to energy healing. 

Some emotional issues that I’m very helpful with are: anxiety, guilt, fear, anger of self or towards others, feeling blocked, abuse/victim feelings, abandonment of self or others, mental illness, low self-esteem, and depression.

Physical brain disorders that I’m helpful with are: Learning disabilities, concussions, ADHD, early stage cancer relating to emotions, chronic pain, body tension, physical/emotional scars, and more.

I also work with mentoring professional athletes, celebrities, struggling teenagers, actors, artists, writers, doctors, and other healer/therapists.  Each person comes in with a focus of what they need to find within themselves, and I am able to help them find these answers.

My spiritual experience is vast and spans most of my life.  Some of the key trainings are: Blackbelt in Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do, Usui Reiki Master, Ace certified Personal Trainer, Zen meditation practitioner, Native Shamanism, Mindfulness Meditation, Bio-Mechanical Specialist, BodyTalk practitioner, Energy Neuroplasticity practitioner, 18 years of Medical Intuitive Readings, Trance-Channeling, and more.  

I came from a martial arts and energy healing focused family, so I was brought up with access to many wonderful teachers and mentors from an early age.  This diversity qualifies me to tailor each Integrated healing session based on your personal needs.

Many people contact me for a simple Reiki healing session only to find out that I prefer to combine this with a medical intuitive reading to give them a deeper and more personal session.  Sessions are available online or in person at my Toronto office.

Popular Energy Healing Sessions

Medical Intuitive Readings is a psychic scan or a remote viewing within a person’s body and accurate feedback about health and functions of organs and structures. Medical Intuitive readings can help you find the “why” in chronic body issues.

Ranging from 90min to 2 hours, this session can combine multiple healing modalities together.  This is very popular because it allows for enough time to truly get to the bottom of the issues.  Often people book this session to heal from deep emotional wounds or change the course of a disease.  These sessions are custom tailored for you. 


Concussion Healing (Energy Neuroplasticity) combines pineal activation with vectored consciousness to create profound change of affected brain structures.  This technique has helped many people regain their full ability back from a brain injury.  This is also helpful for memory issues, brain fog, and ADHD.

Why Intuitive Therapy?

Non-Invasive therapy which compliments western medicine.

Down to Earth coaching without “spiritual dogma.”

You will learn inner access techniques to maintain your health.

Availability at a professional therapeutic Toronto setting, or online.

Two hour sessions come with a 30 min follow-up at your discretion.

Ready to book?

Energy Healer For You

With a simple search on Google, you will conclude there are many different energy healers in Toronto to choose from. From psychics and angel card readers to Reiki teachers and meditation instructors, it can be overwhelming to pick the right person to help you. When I was starting out on this journey to become a healer, I also reached out to mentors who helped me find my inner answers. The people who inspired me the most had a joyful nature, a strong developed awareness, and a moral center.  These are the qualities that I carry with me into my sessions with clients.  I do have one foot in the spirit world, but the other one is grounded in my down to earth soft-hearted nature.  Each person I work with brings out a different side of my training.  Some people work on their heart to have emotional breakthroughs; others use Energy Neuroplasticity to improve their brain function.  I try to approach each session by allowing each moment to be unique.  Synchronicity happens best in the absence of expectation.  You are meant to be uniquely yourself.  Let’s find out what blocks that authentic expression of YOU!

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Reiki Toronto Services

Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki treatments are silent and relaxing.  Some people feel this is like an energy massage.  This is the most common type of Reiki session.

Chakra Balancing use a combination of crystals and semi-precious stones with energetic Reiki adjustments.  This can be added to either a traditional or modern Reiki session.

Modern Reiki is a combination of both the healer and client working together to make energy adjustments.  This is where energy healing practices are move towards.  This kind of Reiki is known for lasting effects from clients becoming consciously in charge of their healing.

Tinnitus Healing and Heart Clearing

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