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Testimonials and kind words From Clients

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Liyah Shalmiev
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Wow, the experience cannot be described in words, it's something you need to feel. Orion's healing power is so strong you notice it the minute he starts speaking. I've never experienced such intensity and healing, let alone in such a short period of time. His energy can reach even the most resistant body and truly heal from the inside. The value of what he's given me is beyond anything I could've imagined before my appointment. Do yourself the biggest favour and come see him. Thank you Orion and I hope you continue healing people for a long time!!
Jean Yang
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Orion abilities are so strong. I never went to a medical intuitive and I didn't know how incredible and amazing this is. He gave me so much healing in the heart. For years, I have suffered trauma, and he managed to heal my heart, I would recommend him to anyone! If you do believe in the soul and mind connection, and how to heal your inner child, and the power of the heart, you will be so impressed by Orion!! May you all have a great time with Orion, thank you so much. May you all be blessed.
Kevin Silva
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Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality. My appointment with Orion M. was very good and really helpful mostly at a psyche level, I personally felt his counselling to be on point as he seems to be very knowledgable in the field and puts it in a very practical way and easy to understand approach. The Reiki session was welcoming, calming, interesting and triggered some positive insights post-consultation. (cannot compare it since this was my first ever Reiki session I've gone through). I certainly recommend Orion's services, whatever it is that brings you here you won't be disappointed! Keep up the good work Orion
Monica Bodurka
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4 months ago I was struggling with post-concussion syndrome for over a year when a friend mentioned Orion. I had tried everything from traditional therapies with a concussion specialist to chiropractors, osteopaths and other energy healers. After just one session with Orion my head pain started to ease, my whip-lashed neck started to feel better and my sleep miraculously improved. The amazing thing about Orion is he was able to intuitively get to the “heart of the matter” in a kind way. He is not just a healer but a wise, life teacher. I trust that after my four sessions I will be better than before the concussion. I feel blessed to have met him and highly recommend him to anyone struggling with a health issue.
Kimeiko Hotta Dover
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My distance session with Orion was informative and inspiring. He offers several modalities, and I trusted him to choose the most suitable ones for me. First, he channeled information related to my life purpose which I found interesting and inspiring. Then, he used his medical intuition to scan my body and sense blockages. I was amazed by the very specific information he picked up. He gave me practical tips on supplements, nutrition, breathing and more which I have started to implement. I really enjoyed my session and will turn to Orion again, especially for physical health concerns.
Vili Dm
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I am very pleased with my experience. I contacted Orion for a healing session and he answered all of my questions before the healing and making sure he could give me the best experience. I could feel the energy flow during the session. He has real skills and gift for healing. I had a head trauma and could feel the results while he was working on my issue. It was a great experience.
Amber Malek
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I had my first session with Orion and it was truly life changing!! When I booked to meet with him I didn’t know what I specifically wanted to deal with, I just knew I was tired of living in anger, frustration and sadness. Orion opened my awareness to viewing a situation in my life differently and immediately my world changed. It’s been 2 weeks since I saw him and I feel lighter and happier. I am so grateful for the experience I had and highly recommend Orion.
Nyanna Flynn
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After one session with Orion for tinnitus I was able to shift the anxiety and fear I felt concerning my issue and finally begin the process of healing. He immediately made me feel at ease allowing me to relax throughout the entire process and he was gentle and thorough in his explanations of the treatment. His instruction on the visualization techniques we were using were clear and concise. I've been continuing to practice applying the energetic healing to myself and this has been very empowering in a broader context to many aspects of my life. I greatly recommend Orion as a teacher and healer.

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