Highest Excitement

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Highest Excitement

Highest Excitement. I recall the words of Joseph Campbell who once encouraged individuals to “follow your bliss.” Similarly, Bashar, an entity conveyed by Darryl Anka, posits that the key to a satisfying life lies in pursuing what excites you. He perceives excitement as a comprehensive tool for fostering curiosity, exploration, personal growth, and beyond.

Throughout my exploration of philosophies both ancient and contemporary, I’ve found the principle of excitement to be exceptionally beneficial. My comprehension of how this works is unique, and it diverges from the concept encapsulated by the Latin phrase Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am). While I concur that our focus and perception are vital for manifesting our aspirations, I believe that acknowledging our genuine spiritual essence is a significant component often overlooked in this process. Before we delve into our capabilities as beings, let’s first consider our existential nature. The concept of frequency pervades some of my blogs and videos. When we resonate at a high frequency, our world is suffused with light, joy, and a pliable sense of reality. Conversely, a low vibration (stemming from self-loathing, guilt, shame, depression) gives the impression of a world conspiring against us. Let’s delve deeper into the mechanics of this.

Our Soul

We define ourselves by our physical form, which is finite. Yet, our soul is not strictly contained within our body. It usually dwells about 10 to 12 inches away from our physical form, and there are numerous reasons for this. We are granted the freedom to choose who we wish to become in this life, a decision that our soul respects without judgement. New Age wisdom tells us that Earth is the sole planet where free choice is granted, a principle I believe we’ve collectively agreed upon as a planetary society, allowing for this space between the soul and the body. Here on Earth, every moment presents us with the option to choose positivity (integration) or negativity (isolation).

When I’ve personally connected with my soul, the concept of choice doesn’t factor into the equation. My being is never in doubt. My liberty lies in how I choose to express or evolve myself, but my spiritual nature is undeniable. When my attention is centered on my human ambitions and desires, my soul respectfully steps back, allowing for these experiences without judgement. As I embarked on the fourth decade of my life, my connection with my soul became integral to my growth. I don’t label it as meditation, but rather, I continuously maintain a flow of my soul into my body, akin to spiritual respiration. This practice results in two phenomena. Firstly, I experience a sense of expansion, identifying myself not merely as a finite body, but as the expansive, loving energy field surrounding me, which I refer to as my soul. Secondly, I observe a constant adjustment in my body to support my health, as if my soul persistently fine-tunes my physiology to enhance its functionality. It feels like a ceaseless embrace from the divine.

Acting upon what excites us enables us to tap into high-frequency vibrations; living in a state of excitement helps us sustain that vibration throughout the day. When there’s a constant flow from our soul into our body, we feel an eternal sense of our divinity.


By drawing our souls into our bodies, we unlock countless possibilities for exploration and growth. This understanding came from many years doing energy healing work such as Reiki. In Reiki, we feel ourselves as a Being of light and love. The more we can identify ourselves with our non-physical selves, the more easy our life becomes.