Highest Excitement

Highest excitement.  Joseph Campbell once said that his best advice to people was to “follow their bliss.”  Bashar, an entity channeled by Darryl Anka, states that the secret to fulfilled life is to follow your excitement.  Bashar also believes that excitement is a whole toolkit for curiosity, exploration, personal development and more.

Of all of my philosophies both ancient and New Age, I have found the excitement principle to be the most useful.  I have my own interpretation of the mechanics of how this works, and it is not so much the idea of the Latin phrase Cogito, ergo sum (I think therefor I am).  Although I can agree that our focus and perception are key ingredients to manifesting our desires, I believe there is a major ingredient to manifesting that is missing from this equation… that is the self acceptance of our true spiritual nature.  Existentially, let us look at who we are as a Being before we can move into what we can do with our Being.  The theme of some of my blogs and videos is about frequency.  When we are vibrating on a high frequency, everything is filled with light, happiness, and reality feel plastic and malleable.  In contrast, when we are vibrating low (self-hatred, guilt, shame, depression), it feels like the world is stacked against us at every turn.  Let me share my insight about the mechanics of this.

Our body has a finite size, and we identify ourselves based on this physical form.  The soul is not directly in our body.  The soul generally hovers at a distance of 10 to 12 inches from our physical body and there are many reasons why this is.  We are given free choice to whom we want to be in this life.  For the soul, there is no judgement about this.  It is said in the New Age lore that Earth is the only planets of free choice, and I believe it an agreement as a planetary society to allow for this gap between the soul and the body.  At every moment on Earth, we are given a choice to be positive (integrative) or negative (isolative).

When I have directly experienced my own soul, I have never felt that choice was part of that equation.  The Being that I am is never in question.  The freedom is how I wish to express or develop myself, but I cannot deny my spiritual nature.  It is only when I’m focused on my more human drives and asperations, that the soul backs off and allows for these experiences without judgement.  As I entered my fourth decade of life, my relationship to my soul has been essential to my development.  I wouldn’t call it a meditation, but I maintain a sense of flow of my soul into my body at all times.  It is like spiritual breathing.  Two thing occur with this practice.  The first is a sense of expansion as I can identify myself not just as a finite body, but the massive loving energetic field that surrounds me that I call my soul.  The second thing I notice is that my body is being constantly adjusted to maintain my health.  It is as if my soul always tinkers with my physiology to make it work better.  It feels like a constant hug from the divine.

Acting on excitement is a way of harnessing a high vibration, living in excitement is to maintain that vibration throughout our day.  When there is a consistent flow from our soul into our body,  there is a eternal feeling our divinity.

When we pull our souls into our body, there are so many things we can do and explore.

I hope I inspired you with my words.  Create a wonderful day.