Destiny is a Funny Thing

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Destiny is a Funny Thing

Destiny is a Funny Thing. For those who have taken a moment to read my biography on this website (, you’ll note that my childhood was far from ordinary. Various mentors, healers, spiritual guides, and shamans predicted that my life would be marked by a destiny as a prominent healer. Destiny, however, has a peculiar nature. While the concept of predestination can be intriguing, it often carries an undertone of restriction. Despite the prophecies, I held my belief in personal freedom steadfast, finding the idea of predestination somewhat stifling.

As I ventured into my twenties, I endeavored to fit in with societal norms – a decision I’d later regard as a mistake. During this period, I pursued studies in Kinesiology, Psychology, and Philosophy at university, followed sports, and worked as a personal trainer at a reputable fitness center in Toronto. In retrospect, it was a pursuit of a so-called “normal” life, aimed at satisfying my ego. For the majority of my early years, my ego reigned supreme, asserting its dominance. There was a sense of control over my life, a sense that was fleeting and illusory. The precipice of change was approaching, and I remained oblivious until it was too late.

Upon entering my thirties, a wave of irritability and dissatisfaction swept over me. Everything I once desired was now under scrutiny. I began to perceive myself as a target, with the feeling the attacks through the actions and behaviors of others. These negative experiences, which I unwittingly attracted, were a consequence of my resistance to embrace my extraordinary potential. Instead, I exerted tremendous energy to blend in with the ordinary. Looking back, the hardships I encountered served as alarm bells, warning me that I had strayed from my authentic self.


Gradually, the realization dawned on me that I was failing to lead the life I was intended to live. Despite having attained numerous goals, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that my life held more than what I was currently experiencing. I delved into BodyTalk and other healing methods to expand my horizons, although I viewed them as mere curiosities at the time. My exploration of the energy world resulted in a dichotomy within my circle of acquaintances. I experienced encouragement and support from some, while others, fearful of the unknown, expressed disapproval. I began to tread a dual path, selectively sharing my spiritual experiences while keeping others in the dark about these metaphysical concepts.

On the dawn of my fortieth birthday, I made a pivotal decision to live a heart-led life, trusting in the unfolding process and embracing my true self. It wasn’t long before I successfully bridged the gap between the person I was destined to be and the one I had been willing to accept. For years, I had been silently healing individuals, but it was at this juncture that I emerged from the spiritual shadows.

My life erupted in a multitude of directions. I evolved into a medical intuitive, a reiki master, a BodyTalk practitioner, a Bio-mechanical specialist, and a brain healer specializing in concussions, ADHD, and personality disorders. Soon after, I directed my skills towards heart clearing and emotional/spiritual counseling.

The trajectory of my life has been a fascinating journey – I began as a healer, distanced myself from it, only to rediscover it later in life. Indeed, destiny has a unique way of unfolding itself.”

Emotional Pain in the Joints

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Emotional Pain in the Joints

Emotional pain in the joints. It is often the case that a new client will walk into my office, seeking a Reiki session to help them find some solace from the relentless strain that anxiety imposes on their body, mind, and spirit. They come with a hope to find a way to relax and alleviate the distress they are feeling. As part of the comprehensive intake process that I follow, I delve into a series of questions designed to pinpoint and understand their emotional imbalance. This investigative approach enables me to focus on the core issue that the client might be dealing with. It is noteworthy that emotional pain can, and often does, correspond to a specific part of the body.

To illustrate this correlation, consider these examples: fear tends to manifest in the knees, decision-making struggles are often felt in the ankles, pressures stemming from ego can appear in the elbows, and the spine often symbolizes our need for support. Furthermore, the neck is generally associated with one’s willpower, while the shoulders bear the weight of our burdens.

Imagine a scenario where an individual comes to me with a persistent back issue. Through the course of our conversation, it is revealed that they are in a relationship in which they feel a distinct lack of support – this could be emotional, financial, material, or any other form of support. Despite numerous chiropractic treatments, massages, or sessions of physical therapy, the pain seems to persist and always comes back. As we delve into this discussion, I strive to understand the many layers associated with the pain they are trying to alleviate. This deep level of understanding is crucial because the treatment has to be tailor-made to suit the cause. A physical pain arising from a physical cause will heal through physical means, whereas emotional pain in joints necessitates an emotional approach to healing. As we delve deeper into the conversation, the path to treatment begins to unravel.

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Interpreting Emotional Discomfort Manifested in the Body’s Joints: An In-Depth Discussion about Pain and Its Roots

In our early years, as children, we are naturally equipped with a mechanism to recover from all kinds of pain – we cry. This natural, instinctive response isn’t always required or appropriate in adulthood. Don’t misunderstand me, crying is a powerful release when certain issues or memories come rushing back into focus. I employ techniques that are best suited to each individual case – this could range from the Active Memory Technique from BodyTalk, yogic breathing techniques, to Ho’oponopono from Hawaiian Kahuna practice. The specific therapy used is not as important as the fact that the mind and the heart have made some effort towards healing. I often refer to this as a “permission slip”, borrowing the term from one of my esteemed gurus. Emotional individuals might express themselves through tears, intellectuals often need to engage in discussion and reason, and kinesthetic individuals might require a reassuring hug. We are all unique blends of these personality types.

Unprocessed emotions, those that we fail to address and resolve, can create a certain heaviness and density that is stored in specific areas of our bodies. It’s not surprising that many chronic diseases have been linked to this phenomenon. Various healing modalities, such as Heart Clearing and Trance Channeling, can help alleviate this emotional density from the body. The emotional heart has an extraordinary capacity to heal and forgive almost anything, provided we trust it to serve as a release mechanism. Regardless of the experiences we’ve endured, the heart’s rhythm continues, underscoring its strength and resilience.”