Destiny Is A Funny Thing

Destiny is a Funny Thing

Like many people who have read the bio on this website ( would gather, I had an unusual childhood.  One of the main messages imparted to me through various teachers, healers, gurus, and shamans, was that I am destined to be a great healer.  Destiny is a funny thing.  As interesting as the idea of predestination might be, there always seemed something controlling about it.  I truly believe in personal freedom, but the notion of predestination seemed horribly constrictive.

When I entered my early twenties, I tried hard to be like everyone else…(boy what a mistake!).  I studied Kinesiology, Psychology and Philosophy at University, watched sports, and worked as a personal trainer at a great fitness center in Toronto.  You could say that I was trying to create a “normal” life that would appeal to my Ego.  For most of my early life, my Ego was in charge, and it was huge and powerful.  I felt like I was in control of my life…for a time.  Unfortunately, I never saw the cliff edge until it was too late.

When I entered my Thirties, I became wildly irritable and dissatisfied with life.  Everything I thought I wanted, was now in question.  I felt like I was a target, and that my soul was attacking me through the actions and behaviors of others.  I attracted these negative experiences into my life because I didn’t allow myself to be extraordinary.  I tried so hard to be ordinary.  In hindsight, my abusers are strong signal letting me know I had veered off the path of being my true self.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I was not fulfilling the life I was meant to live.  After having achieved many of my goals, I felt that there was more to my life than I was currently experiencing.  I studied BodyTalk and other healing modalities to broaden my perspective, but I felt it was just a curiosity at the time.  Veering in the energy world caused a polarity in my circle of confidants.  I felt the support of friends and clients from people who encouraged my growth, and condemnation from others who became fearful of stepping into the unknown.  I started to walk a dual path.  Some who I let into my spiritual world, and others I would never talk to about these non-physical ideas.

On my fortieth birthday, I decided to lead my life through my heart and trust the process of my life by being fully myself.  It wasn’t long before I finally bridged the gap between the person I was meant to be and the one I could except.  I had been quietly healing people for years at this point, but I finally came out of the spiritual closet.

My life exploded in every direction.  I became a medical intuitive, reiki master, BodyTalk practitioner, Bio-mechanical specialist, and a brain healer specializing concussions, ADHD, and personality disorders.  It wasn’t long before I turned my talents to heart clearing and emotional/spiritual counselling.

I started my life as a healer, walked away from it, and found it again later in life.  Destiny is a funny thing.