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ADHD Counselling

Recently, I’ve had the rewarding experience of assisting young athletes with ADHD. ADHD remains one of the most misunderstood conditions, posing unique challenges for many youths. While it often equips individuals with bursts of concentrated energy – a potential advantage in performance-driven areas like sports or acrobatics – it’s seldom the strength that brings them to my doorstep. The primary areas of concern tend to be their personal relationships, self-identity, and home life.

It’s important to highlight that some individuals with ADHD exhibit a higher susceptibility to substance dependencies, such as alcohol, marijuana, and cigarettes. Interestingly, this trend appears slightly less prevalent among ADHD athletes compared to the general populace. When discussing addiction, it’s essential to realize that many with ADHD are exceptionally sensitive to external feedback, which often stems from an internalized negative self-image due to their unique cognitive wiring. Feeling perpetually off-kilter, they may seek solace in substances to mute their inner critic. Unfortunately, this often exacerbates issues in relationships, disrupts school and work responsibilities, and deteriorates their home environment.


One strategy I’ve found effective is guiding them through pineal gland activation and encouraging the conscious engagement of the brain’s left temporal lobe. This facilitates a calm, methodical mindset dominated by structured thinking. Regularly accessing this state can greatly aid in task completion and provide a sense of capability when comparing themselves to peers. The pineal gland plays a crucial role here; it’s believed to decode emotional and intuitive messages relayed by the soul. Strengthening this connection can lead to profound self-acceptance and clarity about life’s purpose, offering a resilient buffer against daily ADHD-related hurdles.

Another essential technique I employ is Heart Clearing. Given the emotional baggage many with ADHD carry, releasing these entrenched negative memories can be transformative. Heart clearing is essentially an opportunity to let go of lingering pain and unresolved issues. This process has proven life-altering for many and is particularly pivotal for those with ADHD, paving the way for genuine self-empowerment.

Mystical Power of the Heart

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Mystical Power of the Heart

Mystical power of the Heart. As a resident of Toronto, I’ve come to understand a common source of chronic discomfort and stress in our lives—an overwhelming fixation with living exclusively within the confines of our minds and thoughts. While the marvels of the mind certainly shouldn’t be undervalued, we must also recognize the impressive restorative capabilities that our hearts possess. It’s not just our self-perceptions and thoughts about our bodies that influence our health and welfare, but rather an amalgamation of our beliefs, definitions, emotions, and visualizations. The feelings we visualize act as the language of our cells. Consequently, feelings of power, health, and love can significantly enhance our health. Conversely, feelings of neglect, abandonment, or worthlessness can have the opposite effect. Therefore, the journey to healing often requires addressing emotional issues at the core of our discomfort.

The Restorative Potential of the Heart

Buried deep within our hearts are countless negative emotions and experiences, lodged in specific areas within this extraordinary organ. I discovered this truth several years ago during a medical intuitive reading for a client. I have since developed a transformative technique known as “Heart Clearing,” which blends the principles of neuroplasticity with the practice of energy healing. Throughout a Heart Clearing session, I assist individuals in exploring their hearts, enabling them to let go of old emotions, individuals, and experiences that no longer contribute to their wellbeing. Once the heart is thoroughly cleared, a deep connection can be established with chronic pain and illnesses, revealing the missing elements of the healing puzzle. Chronic pain and many diseases often materialize as unprocessed emotions of low self-esteem, guilt, shame, anger, abandonment, or a broad disconnection from the body.

Furthermore, the physical location of pain within the heart corresponds to our overall physical health, especially in relation to trauma. Many find it enlightening to uncover the degree to which they internalize pain from their interactions with others. For example, those who retain feelings of abandonment from a parent may unwittingly abandon themselves in various aspects. This pattern also applies to other emotions resulting from past interactions.

Our physical health is unquestionably linked to the love and happiness harbored in our hearts. However, negative emotions from past experiences often deprive us of this essential energy. By venturing into our hearts and actively eliminating pain, we can recover the capacity to lead a joyful life. The heart is meant to be open and full, much like a child’s, but tempered with the wisdom acquired throughout life. Embracing our happiness, curiosity, and passions draws us towards self-realization. The ultimate aim in life should be to accept our complete selves, deny nothing, and unleash our full potential.

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About Me

Orion Mott is a distinguished spiritual counselor, medical intuitive, concussion healer, trance channeler, Bio-Mechanical Specialist, BodyTalk practitioner, shamanic healer, martial artist, and Reiki Master based in Toronto. His primary focus is to empower individuals to accept their authentic selves. Orion regularly works with people dealing with cancer, chronic pain, ADHD, concussions, PTSD, mental illness, and various diseases. His broad range of skills and steadfast commitment to holistic healing establishes him as a beacon of hope and transformation within the Toronto community.

Embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and healing by utilizing the enigmatic strength of the heart with Orion Mott in Toronto. Experience the profound impact of Heart Clearing and tap into your inherent potential for joy, wellbeing, and self-realization. Let your heart guide you towards a life of empowerment and fulfillment as you unravel the hidden mysteries of your existence.