Proactive Immune System

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Proactive Immune System

Proactive Immune System: An Intuitive Approach. As a skilled medical intuitive, I find myself frequently addressing inquiries about the issue of coronavirus in the current climate. With the media rife with various conspiracy theories regarding the origins and nature of this viral outbreak, the situation can often feel overwhelming. Here in Toronto, the impact of the virus seems to roll towards us like an invisible, slow-moving wave. In one week, we can enjoy a lovely meal at a local restaurant, while the next sees all such establishments shuttered. It is indeed daunting to witness these sweeping changes.


I wish to steer the focus towards our own relationship with our immune system, an often-underestimated aspect of our overall health. Of course, supplements such as zinc and vitamin C have been widely recommended as part of a proactive approach to supporting the immune system, and these are indeed sensible measures that we can easily adopt. Those familiar with my previous writings will recall that I often advocate for a balanced diet and regular exercise as part of a naturally healthy lifestyle. This philosophy, in part, stems from my years as a personal fitness trainer, during which I have become accustomed to a fairly disciplined approach to life.

Immune System

Our immune system, an intricate and complex defense mechanism, is often something we don’t fully appreciate until later in life, when we begin to encounter health challenges. A key aspect of maintaining a robust immune system involves supporting organ function and ensuring efficient communication between various parts of our body. For instance, the thymus gland, located just below our throat, and the spleen, nestled inside our left rib structure, play pivotal roles in our immune response. Alongside the cerebellum and other structures, they form a powerful network that can foster a proactive immune system. This proactive system doesn’t necessarily rely on a severe viral attack to be activated, but instead can provide a constant level of immune surveillance and protection.

This unique alignment of immunological response is a technique I have used to assist individuals in managing a range of health conditions, including cancers. The results have been highly encouraging, demonstrating the potential of a proactive approach to immune health. In light of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, I am preparing to share a selection of my guided meditations and activations that are designed to support immune function. Please stay tuned for these resources.


My meditations and activations can be found at this link: ‎Sacred Activations Harness the Power of Consciousness – EP by Orion Mott on Apple Music