Proactive Immune System

Proactive Immune System.  As a medical intuitive, I am being asked about the coronavirus issue on a daily basis.  In the media there are a lot of conspiracy theories on this viral outbreak focusing on what it is and where it came from.  In Toronto, this virus is rolling towards us as if it is an invisible slow moving wave.  One week we are having a nice meal in a restaurant, and the next week all the restaurants are closed.  It came be a bit daunting to experience this massive change.

The area I want to focus on, is our own connection with our immune system.  Of course zinc and vitamin C has been recommended because we know that these are just common sense things we can ingest.  If you have read my other postings, you will remember that proper diet and exercise are part of my natural lifestyle.  Having been a career personal trainer for years, I guess a person gets used to a fairly disciplined way of life.  Our own immune system is something that we take for granted when we are younger and we struggle with later in life.  Lung function has a lot to do with cardiovascular exercise, but our immune system has a lot to do with organ function and communication.  Specifically, the thymus gland situated just below our throat, and our spleen situated inside the left rib structure.  Together with the cerebellum and other structures can create a powerful proactive immune system.  Weaving these parts together can have a powerful proactive immune system that doesn’t require an over-loaded viral attack to activate.

This immunological alignment and response is something I have used to help people take control of cancers and other diseases to great effect.  Due to this coronavirus outbreak, I plan to release a few meditations/activations so please stay tuned…..