What It Feels Like To Heal A Brain

To work with brain cortices is quite an adventure.  There are many moments while in deep Alpha and Gamma frequencies of treatment when I feel intense energy running through my body.  It seems as if my client’s Higher Self channels into my body and encodes my energy field with engrams of data packages that downloads to my client.  My head at times feels as if this intense energy field electrifies it.

While working with clients, I experience many different types of energy fields.  The Pineal Gland is like a bright light bulb of pulsing energy, while the Kundalini flowing up the cerebral spinal fluid is like a slow burning liquid fire.  The Heart energy, by comparison, feels almost like a magnetic force that bathes the body in a gentle warmth.

Throughout antiquity, sages, healers, and mystics have noted the power of these sacred energies of the body.  From a scientific/philosophical perspective, I believe that I am working with quantum energy while in an altered state of consciousness.  As has been noted by scientists, the quantum world follows different rules than our experience in physical reality.  Time and space are somewhat elastic, and the feeling of entanglement between my consciousness and that of my client borders on a sense of oneness.

The brain has a template that I access during my sessions with clients.  Reiki, BodyTalk, Remote Viewing, Chakra Balancing, Medical Intuition, and Dream Healing are all permission slips that allow me to access the “unseen” world.  Everything is made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons that are in constant vibrations and movement.  To tap into the template of physical reality is to open up the door to a quantum plane of awareness.  In this state, it feels almost as if everything is made up of packets of colored waves of energy.  Ethically, I never impose my power on people’s auric field.  Rather, I set up a field of energy that I ask people to mirror through various techniques.  This mirroring feels like a continuous flow between my hands and a client’s head.  In this way, people adjust themselves into a greater state of health.

Letting Go Of Being Normal

Like many people who have read the bio on my website (https://orionmott.com/meet-me) would gather, I had an unusual childhood.  One of the main messages imparted to me through various teachers, channelers, gurus, and shamans, was that I am destined to be a great healer.  Destiny is a funny thing.  As interesting as the idea of predestination might be, there always seemed something controlling about it.  Freedom is my favorite feeling.

When I entered my early twenties, I tried hard to be like everyone else: Eat beef, go to University, watch sports, and work as a personal trainer at a great sports center in Toronto.  You could say that I was trying to create a “normal” life that would appeal to my Ego.  For most of my early life, my Ego was in charge, and it was huge and powerful.  I felt like I was in control of my life…for a time.  Unfortunately, I never saw the cliff edge until it was too late.

When I entered my Thirties, I became wildly irritable and dissatisfied with life.  Everything I thought I wanted, was now in question.  I felt like I was a target, and that my soul was attacking me through the actions and behaviors of others.  I attracted these negative experiences into my life because I didn’t allow myself to be extraordinary.  In hindsight, my abusers are strong signal letting me know I had veered off the path of being my true self.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I was not fulfilling the life I was meant to live.  In 2003 I started to study BodyTalk and other healing modalities.  During the last 13 years, I healed people of brain trauma (https://www.torontoconcussiontherapy.com), lymphatic cancer, loss of vision, and many other things.  These experiences were of course extremely exciting, but I had a driving curiosity and intellectual need to understand the nature of reality.  As a kid, I was the kind of person who loved to take apart all of my toys to find out how they worked.  My current belief about the nature of reality is that reality is a dream.  Our lives are illusionary.  What we feel and experience as physical reality is just a dream of our soul.

While In the various states of consciousness, I have found that I am both the dreamer and the dreamed.  In physical terms, I am both the cup and the fluid contained.  The trap a lot of struggling healers fall into is the belief that they are just an empty cup.  When higher consciousness flows into the body either through Reiki, channeling, or other means, the important point to know is that we are both the source energy, the process of transmutation of that energy, and we are also the destination.  The higher energetic state of awareness is the experience of fluidity and oneness.  This fluidity is very profound when you shift your state out of the fourth dimension.  For those who don’t understand dimensions, here is a short description

  • We live in the fourth dimension:  Height, Width, and Depth are the parameters for a three-dimensional existence.
  • Time is the fourth-dimensional vector that we experience.  I call it a vector because we only experience it one direction.
  • There are many ways to gain access and experience the fifth dimensional reality but usually feels like a state of love, flow, and Oneness.

The easiest way to experience the fifth dimension is to flip our reality inside out.  This shift would make time three-dimensional, and our physical reality a single dimensional.  Just by suggesting this shift to our Energetic Light Body in a deep state of meditation will open the door to a profound experience.

If you try this technique and have an experience, please comment below.