Evolution of Reiki

Reiki History in Aikido

Evolution of Reiki

history of Usui reiki
Mikao Usui Reiki Founder



Reiki, a remarkable modality of energy healing, continues to unfold its profound depths as I delve deeper into my practice as a Reiki master in Toronto. I’ve found that integrating my experiences and knowledge from various disciplines enriches the practice of Reiki, expanding its range and efficacy. While many Reiki practitioners might not be aware, the roots of Reiki can be traced back to the Japanese martial art Aikido, a connection that has shaped my approach to energy healing.

Aikido, popularized in North America largely due to the efforts of actor Steven Segal, serves as a fascinating backdrop to understanding Reiki. In 1988, Steven Segal starred in a semi-autobiographical film titled “Above The Law,” wherein he depicted observing an Aikido master effortlessly displacing opponents. The principles of Aikido rest heavily on a spiritual practice of grounding oneself, and skillfully directing and counteracting energy through fluid movement and the deft pivot of force.

From Martial Arts to Healing

These core principles of Aikido have enriched my Reiki practice, intertwining with the martial arts training I’ve undertaken. The heightened attention and sharp awareness honed in martial arts competitions have been instrumental in enhancing my energy consciousness in Reiki. One key aspect of this is the practice of grounding to the Earth before commencing a Reiki treatment. This grounding has served as a protective shield, preventing me from being consumed by the energetic manifestations of individuals’ issues during healing sessions. Grounding, I’ve found, is a harmonious blend of energetic alignment and mental focus. The mind must maintain a state of tranquility and balance, enabling the practitioner to receive and interpret subtle energetic impressions effectively.

Aikido and reiki
Aikido and Reiki

Another critical consciousness that my martial arts background has nurtured is the sense of energy flow. Aikido places significant emphasis on the flow of energy through movement. This concept has permeated my daily life, influencing how I perceive and interact with my environment. I’ve learned to honor the unique nature of every moment, embracing its transience and the lessons it brings. A true master healer, in my belief, never sees their training as complete. Every moment brims with the potential for love and growth, a philosophy I consistently promote in my spiritual mentorship practice.


Encouraging people to discover love, even amidst stressful events, forms a key aspect of my guidance. Love can manifest in various ways—it can be a form of self-preservation, or it could be about safeguarding loved ones. But the most courageous application of love lies in deciphering the energy behind stressful events and individuals acting out of integrity. Extracting even a sliver of love from these challenging circumstances can be transformative, providing you with a personal pivot point in both healing and life. This understanding is akin to uncovering a hidden fulcrum, a point of leverage that can be used to turn adversity into growth, imbuing healing and life with a newfound sense of resilience and purpose.