Energy Healing

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Energy Healing

An Insightful Exploration of the Energy Healing Practice I Undertake in My Toronto Office

The realm of energy healing is a distinctive profession, one that calls upon tools that largely transcend the physical world. As an energy healer, the practice involves centering myself and entering a state that can best be described as a harmonious amalgamation of varied aspects. Each energy therapy possesses its own unique characteristics, although a common requirement across all is an activated pineal gland. Beyond this, the additional elements differ significantly.

For instance, in the technique of remote viewing, which I primarily use for medical intuitive readings, I start by activating the pineal gland. I then direct my consciousness and focus towards a specific location or target. This concentrated “ball” of awareness is moved around the target until I get a “hit,” which is an area of particular interest in the person’s body. From there, I zoom into this region, akin to adjusting the focus of a camera lens. Once the issue has been identified, I establish a connection through a trance channeling state to a higher wisdom, seeking information about the target.

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Deep Trance Channeling

Channeling serves as a gateway to obtain in-depth details about the issue that I am studying. While genetic factors undoubtedly contribute to diseases, it is often the case that emotions and feelings stemming from certain experiences are linked to a disease. The healing process, in this context, can be likened to a lock and key mechanism. If a disease is rooted in an emotional cause or trigger, the healing technique employed will necessarily incorporate emotional healing as an integral part of the treatment. The same principle applies to a physical issue.

To illustrate this, consider the case of a hockey player who sought my help for energy healing, targeting his knees and lower back. During a medical intuitive reading, it became clear that his pain was a result of repetitive physical movements carried out without adequately stretching or cross training his joints. A comprehensive stretching session coupled with a sequential releasing of the joints effectively relieved all of his pain. In this case, a physical cause called for a physical solution. This aspect is frequently overlooked as individuals approach energy healers in the hope of alleviating physical pain. The one exception to this rule is the Energy Neuroplasticity technique that I employ to heal brains. This energy healing technique engages directly with the brain’s cortices and repairs the area of concern.

Heart Clearing

Heart Clearing, a technique incorporated as part of an Integrated Session, is one of the primary methods I employ to address emotional issues. For this, I activate both my pineal gland and heart simultaneously, fusing them into a therapeutic energy. The synergy of these two organs working in unison effectively facilitates individuals in embarking upon their emotional healing journey. This resonance helps to gently nudge open the door to their emotional process, setting the stage for profound healing and transformation.