Orion Mott is a Spiritual therapist, trance channeler, and medical intuitive in Toronto specializing in all matters of heart and brain health. https://orionmott.com

Life’s Purpose:

My answer to the question of finding one’s life purpose is very simple. To be completely yourself and trust the flow of your life. The counseling I have done in my Toronto office has brought me to the understanding that to be fully ourselves is to open our hearts and connect with our souls. There is a natural energetic gap between the body and the soul that is transcended by the heart. The unlocking of the heart and expansion of this “feeling consciousness” can communicate with the soul and draw this energy into physical manifestation. The amount of energy that feeds the body from the soul is directly proportional to our health and accepting “all of ourselves.” Our experience of this union is joy, passion, and curiosity.

Here are my Spiritual experience and counseling techniques I follow for Spiritual seekers – Spiritual Intuitive Counselling is intuitive spiritual coaching that will help you reconnect with your passion and take your life in a whole new direction. In some cases, I prefer to combine this modality with Heart Clearing or BodyTalk to release emotions from your past, or current emotional hurts that are actively affecting your life. As we connect, I also “read” your Akashic record which is a wealth of information specific to your life.

Heart clearing is a technique I have developed over the years. This heart-based counseling requires us to connect within the deepest parts of our hearts in order to shift out old feelings and release whatever doesn’t belong. You aren’t your experiences, but sometimes old things have a way of sticking in your day-to-day thoughts. The head cannot heal the heart. Only the heart can heal itself when given the opportunity. I use my empathic abilities to help you connect and change your feelings about the past. Some of the reasons people work with me:

*Dealing with negative people (energy vampires)
*Issues around empowerment / disempowerment
*Forgiveness of yourself or others
*Separating your identity from you experiences
*Anxiety Relief

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