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Concussion Healing at Your Location

Concussion Healing at Your Location

Concussion Healing session at your location:

For in-home sessions outside the Toronto GTA require a $40 fee for transportation for time and gas away from the my office.  Often after a concussion healing session, people have trouble driving home, so this convenience is offered for your safety. 

For concussion healing sessions out of town requiring an overnight stay in Ontario, the cost is a standard $1,000 per day.  This can comprise of two concussion healing sessions per day maximum. 

For USA and distant provinces from Ontario, an airfare charge will be added to the cost.

Cash and Cheques can be paid at the session, but e-transfers or PayPal must be paid prior to the session.

For a bundle of 3 concussion healing sessions at your Toronto GTA  location including transportation fees, this can be calculated to $700.00 plus HST.

Concussion Healing Options:

For inside Toronto area:

Single session fee is $200 plus HST= $226.00

Cash rounded down ($225.00)

Cheque ($226.00)

E-transfer $226.00 to email


E-transfer fee $700 plus HST = $791.00 for a package of three sessions including transportation fee and bundle savings. 

Visa/PayPal option:

Click 1 or 3 sessions followed by PayPal button here to pay through VISA/MasterCard on the page linked below.


Send exact amount selected to PayPal

Missed Appointment/Cancellation Policy: Your appointment time is reserved specifically for you. As a courtesy and to avoid being charged half the session fee, please reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Day of your Session:

Wear comfortable clothes and a quiet space to do our session together.

Come with an open mind and an open heart.

Drink plenty of water before and after your session.

It is best to allow yourself some quiet time afterwards.

Please Note: I heal the body through the heart and I may need you to move old emotional pain aside through forgiveness work. This allows the consciousness to become more flexible in healing.  This flexibility allows for greater ease of rebalancing the brain through neuroplasticity.

After a healing session, either you will feel a huge increase of energy directly after the session, or between 3-10 days afterwards. Initially you might experience a couple of days with low energy as the body readjusts. Please avoid too much caffeine, and I recommend no alcohol for up to 6 days after your session. The same applies to stimulants such as marijuana.

The increase in energy is the first noticeable improvement from the first session. People feel lighter and more centered. Generally you should feel less pain.

The general plan is to heal the brain in three stages and over three weeks:

Session 1: Reptilian brain

Session 2: Limbic and Temporal Lobes

Session 3: Frontal cortex and corpus callosum

Each session is spread apart for at least a week to gain maximum healing time.  Make sure not to consume alcohol or recreational drugs for at least 20 days after the last treatment.

Everyone heals differently and at a different time. There are no guarantees on a result, but I have had some amazing success over the years.

I look forward to working with you,