Recharge Yourself With Reiki


Reiki is considered to be an ancient Japanese type of healing therapy that primarily release tension, pain, and stress through balancing Chakras. Reiki primarily focuses on realignment and relaxation of the body and your mind into a sense of flow.  Treatments also reduce healing time for injuries, releases some trapped emotional imbalances, and brings harmony to your body.  Unlike other types of therapy, reiki is directly focused on a specific area of pain and discomforts of your body.

The term “Reiki” comes from a Japanese term “Rei” that manifest universal life and the term “Ki” manifest energy. “Ki” is considered to be the energy of life that primarily flows through the life of living things. Everyone has the capability to connect to this type of energy and make use of it in strengthening themselves.

Reiki philosophy greatly understands the fact that your body contained seven chakras. These chakras are primarily related to the separation of these seven light rays into a white light dividing towards a moving prism. Similar to the rainbow, each chakra is primarily related to the different frequency of color. Reiki would be rebalancing all of these colors into frequencies and going back to its appropriate holistic alignment.

Energy session can greatly help in creating a favorable environment to heal all level of emotional, physical and mental problem you are experiencing. This session is relaxing and pleasant and can certainly help you to acquire joy and happiness you deserve to have.

Reiki Session Preparation

Before you undergo any Reiki session, you need to make sure that you’re wearing the most comfortable type of clothing.  I usually offer my clients to put blanket overtop on their massage table. I support their head and back through the use of strategically placed pillows. Often, people find themselves floating freely in and out into a light sleep.

I am a type of person who enjoys integrating some Reiki therapy with all other therapies, and that includes spiritual mentorship, concussion therapy, and even medical intuitive reading. Examining all the issues are just as essential as addressing all of them in different ways. Well, my Reiki services are considered to be a very hands-on type of approach that deals with all the challenges that you’re facing.

Reiki And Chi-Kung

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