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Welcome to my store comprising of my meditation album and other favorite items I highly recommend both from my 20 years in the health and wellness, as well as the spiritual development field.  Each of the items below have either helped me in my development, or fun stuff, or is something I currently use. ENJOY!

One of my favorite leather wallets is from this Canadian company called PropellerWatchCo.  They make very strong wallets and watches, but this is the brown one that I own.  Click on the image to connect to their website. 

One of my closest friends launched CandleHaven.ca which sells candle making supplies such as vessels, wicks, scents, waxes and more.  Click on the image to enter the website.

Fitness Equipment

These heavy cables are very useful on the go.  When I run the ravines in Toronto, I often pack a pair of these cables, wrap them around a tree and squeeze each of my muscle groups for a full body workout.  This is my number 1 piece of equipment.

As a former in-home personal trainer, I found these bars useful for whatever I couldn’t isolate with the cables. Great for chin-ups and dips as well as easy pushups for beginners.

This ab wheel is great for forward and oblique angles of abdominal training.  Light weight, inexpensive, and also gets a great shoulder, wrist, and triceps workout.  

This is a necessary item for a small home or cottage gym.  I bought a pair of these in 2001, and I’m still getting great workouts with them.  Certainly a quality item to have.

Recommended Reading

This book was written by a friend and former client of mine as she learned how to hold her spiritual power.  This book is full of wonderful spiritual insights about how she let go of negative beliefs and embraced her own path to enlightenment.  Some of our sessions together are in this book so this will give some insights into my spiritual knowledge.  Jean is a wonderful trance channeler and you can find her latest insights on TikTok.

Click below this image for a free preview, download to your device, or you can order a physical copy on Amazon.ca

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.  This was my first spiritual book as a young teenager as I was maturing into the idea of studying esoteric ideologies.  I highly recommend this book as it is a gentle approach to spiritual awareness.

The Kryon series of books and online channeled recordings connects spirituality with science in the most unusual ways.  This particular book is a fascinating way of looking at biology from an energy perspective.  Some of the ideas are more allegory and symbiology, than 3rd dimensional fact.

This book was part of my earliest understandings of the multidimensional self. Although much of it occurs during shamanic drug-induced states, it helped me understand the auras I saw in people while doing standing meditations in karate class.

So this was a recent download from Audible that I found interesting.  I cannot say I completely agree with his concept of slow nose breathing being the cure to everything, but I found myself slowing my breath down and feeling more centered in my day-to-day life.  There is a lot of wisdom in this book even if I interpret knowledge differently.

This is a simple story about a seagull that seeks spiritual enlightenment through flight and self-realization.  This was very outside the box for me.  It still remains one of my favorites. 

This book is full of so much esoteric truths. It is one thing to feel spiritual, and the other to trust the flow of your life. The story itself is a bit silly, but the knowledge contained is life changing when used every day.

Powerful Minerals

*Always consult and expert before taking

MSM is organic Sulphur that strengthens connective tissue including bones, hair, nails etc.  It bring down inflammation in the body and decongests the lungs.

NAC is amazing at detoxifying the liver while also giving mood and mental support.  This very helpful for ADHD people, and people dealing with drug withdrawals.

Magnesium is great for recovering muscles from intense workouts, and helps relax nerves and stress.

Vitamin C is the single most important vitamin we can take.  This is essential for health of the body.

My Meditation Album to Download

Sacred Activations is a meditation album designed to heighten your awareness,  activate your immune system, connect you with your soul, heart, and pineal gland.  With practice, these abilities will become second nature. Click image to connect with iTunes and Apple Music.

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