Healing of Mind, Body, and Soul

Healing of Mind, Body, and Soul.  As an intuitive healer, I adjust my technique to each person I work with.  Everyone hold’s their energy in a unique way, but there are different types of people and I adjust myself accordingly.

Athletes usually require physical touch or a connection with their body,
writers/intellectuals need words, ideas, and mental constructs.
Left brain dominant people need to understand everything before we get started.
Right brain people speak in imagery and visual constructs.
Feelers need to feel a heart connection.

Of course we are all a mix of many of these personality types.  Healing therefor should mirror the personality type.  As a multidisciplinary healer, I interact with many different types of people.  If you were to ask them how I shifted them into a healthier state, you would have different stories depending on my approach.  For some I use a healing modality, similar to Adam Dreamhealer, that is a distance style of healing using energetic mental constructs.  In this altered state of consciousness, I shift around colorful energy ribbons of light like a jigsaw puzzle until the energies align better.  Years ago, I helped someone regain their vision using this technique in 2005.  The client was a very young girl who was experiencing nerve damage in her eye socket due to abnormal bone growth.  In this altered state I was able to adjust the eye socket and repair the nerve.  I learned that young people are very malleable energetically.

   During my former career as a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and martial arts teacher, I learned a lot about joints and alignments.  Combined with my ability to talk and listen to people’s body, I have been successful at treating many people with joint pain.  With chronic body joint misalignment, I gently roll each joint in 360 degree angles and ask the joints to find a proper alignment.  Many joint issues require an emotional release combined a sequential realignment from the toes to the hips, and from the finger tips to the shoulder complex.  The joints communicate with each other through compression and alignment.  By gently rolling the joints sequentially, I can foster better alignment.

Words and shifts in awareness, can also alleviate someone’s painful condition.  I remember helping an i doctor (who was a true intellectual thinker) cure his own chronic neck issue by shifting his energetic focus in his body.  By getting this man to use sacred geometry (Merkabah), he was able to fix himself instantly.  I showed him how to visualize his etheric energy field as a perfect ball of light around his body.  As he did this, we both heard a loud popping sound as his neck found its perfect alignment.  This was a man who lived with chronic neck pain for many years.  Perhaps seeing himself from an energetic state was enough to release everything that didn’t belong.  I use this technique often so people can truly connect with themselves energetically.

I look forward to new challenges.

There are too many stories to blog about, but certain ones stand out as memories.

When we work together, all I ask is for people to come with an open mind or open heart and a willingness to shift themselves into a higher plane of health and wellness.