Disney Lightsaber Duels Pitch

Disney Pitch March 27, 2023 by Orion Mott

Hi to all of you.  My name is Orion and I have a pitch to Disney.  If this is you Disney, here is a way to make a boat load of money while making your fans ecstatic.  When you search for Lightsaber duels on YouTube, you will see there are videos that have received more than 40 million views!  So obviously there is an interest in watching duels.  The wonderful thing about lightsaber duels is that although it can be seen as aggressive, no one gets hurt with proper helmets, armor, and dueling lightsabers. 

Since lightsaber duels can be safe, it would be more about guile and speed rather than strength and power.  This would be very inclusive of different genders and body-types which would have a large appeal to everyone.  Individuals can come up with their own backstory and clans that will be announced before their duels.  This would be very creative and the cosplay with would add to the Disney mythology

Lightsaber duels would have a large boost to online sales of armor, helmets, dueling swords similar the Kenner action figures of the original trilogy.  The best part will be the customization aspect to the personalization.

I imagine the duels will be happen in large arenas with reoccurring matches between the master duelers.  The actual dueling ring would be set with different sets.  Using fog machines, pedestals, lighting and sound effect, it would be easy to create interesting environments for the spectacles. Think of Science fiction Shakespeare.

With an open invitation for the general public to apply for Star War duels, about a million people will send their videos.  Ideally there would be a booth at the Disney Park so people can apply and show their skills.  Maybe the reward for winning the grand title event would be to be invited as an extra on a Disney show.

I expect this sporting match would perfect to be released during the slower times on the Disney Plus channel. 

Anyways, I hope you liked my pitch.  Please send this to anyone you know at Disney.

My name is Orion and I’m a Spiritual Life Coach based in Toronto, Canada.  This idea is published on my website https://orionmott.com/Disney

I also have a Canadian watch brand called Propeller Watch Company.

Please feel free to contact me on my website for more elaboration of this idea.

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