Seeking Levitation

I have always wanted to move my body through levitation.

I have meditated for years and felt the Divine Light flowing through my body which of course feels like I am floating.  I don’t believe I have ever truly levitated (out of body experiences excluded).  I have investigated many ideas on how levitation would be possible.  From shifting our multidimensional self to a parallel reality where this is possible, to looking for a scientific inquiry about shielding gravitational effects.  My personal spiritual journey has taken me through many concepts and mental gymnastics.

It would be hard to speak about my own spiritual awakening without crediting my contemporaries who opened the door for me.  It was a cold winter’s night back in 2006 when I discovered David Wilcock‘s interview on Project Camelot.  I guess you could say that it wasn’t the content of his message, as much as it was his presence.  I knew I had found someone who was exploring the unknown possibilities of consciousness.  The most interesting theme of this interview was David’s exploration of metaphysical and physical world interactions.

Science has also stumbled upon aspects of consciousness inter-connectivity of all things.  For all that science can explain through observations and theories such as Quantum String Theory, Superstring Theory, and Entanglement Theory, we still have only vague ideas of light and gravity.  Like the wind, we know something can exist because we see evidence of it, but we cannot see it.  The behavior of Light a gravity are subject to interference.  This interference can be the utilization of consciousness interacting with things.


For people who follow the cutting edge of physics,  the Wave Duality Light experiment proves a photon can act like a particle when observed from a conscious being, or it can act like a wave when not observed.  My supposition is the idea that in our Oneness with all things makes locality or non-locality observations irrelevant.  When I do distance healing over the phone with someone who lives in another country thousands of miles away, they have the same instant healing result as a person who in sitting front of me.  Space and time are relative in quantum physics.  If I can change someone’s energy instantaneously at a great distance, I wonder if I could effect a photon from another room using my distance perceptual techniques.

String Theory

Another idea is Cleve Backster’s plant experiment that showed a stress response from the plant when the observer projected negative feelings onto it.  How can a plant feel stress without specialized receptors such as eyes to see or a mind to interpret?  Our feelings must affect the energy in the ethers that connect my feelings to the plant.  String Theory states that all things are interconnected.

Hyperdimensional Physics

If our feelings and our perceptions can affect our physical reality, we must look outside the box to find ideas about how this interacts.

Our conversation must move to the Hyperdimensional Physicals model touted by Richard C. Hoagland to explain that there is an active etheric matrix that interconnects all things together.  This hyperdimensional model is an adjunct to classical Newtonian physics because it states that fast rotating bodies will interact with this etheric field and partially shift dimensionally outside of our physical reality.  The rate of rotation or torsion is responsible for ripples in the ethers.  This torsion field is also created by geometric structures such as pyramids.  The idea behind a pyramid is that the ethers flowing down from the heavens hit the geometry from the ethers energy rising from the earth and causes spiraling of energy.  An analogy is the idea of wind flowing around a propeller that deflects the flow into a spiral.

As a meditation, I often use the image of a Merkabah (two counter-rotating opposed pyramids held within an orb) to shift myself into a very higher state of consciousness.

Naturally, I wonder if a deeply meditating Yogi is capable of attaining such a higher state of consciousness by their atomic structures spinning at high velocity.

Maybe the idea of levitation is connected with this concept.  A fast spinning rotation of atomic structures within the body could null the forces of gravity.  Is this the secret to levitation?

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