Past Life Regression

Remember Back Beyond This Life

Past Life Regression is an easy way to explore some of your conscious and unconscious themes.  Regression involves navigating you through a light trance and having you explore other lives you have lived in a safe and way.  Of course for the soul, all lives are happening here and now.  Our linear perception of time is a construct of this reality.  As a Being, we have access to unlimited possibilities.  Past life regression is an exploration of other incarnations of the soul.

A session usually takes about two hours and can be filled with incredible information.  Maybe there is a difficult relationship in your life, and you wish to have a better understand of subconscious contributors.  Or maybe you wish find out about your hidden talents that are sitting just below the surface of your psyche.  Past Life Regression is incredibly insightful because all of the answers come from your own source of wisdom.  Finding answers within can be most rewarding!

It is recommended that Past Life Regression sessions should be performed a minimum of a month apart so that you can fully extract and implement the wisdom found.

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